Ideas for random events

Heyho again.

I just thought about random events that could happen in the worlds of Oort and which enrich the gameplay through new experiences and/or threats. There were allready some nice ideas like random dropped shards/totems with auras (Here) or different astronomical events (Here) which also could have an impact on the worlds and its inhabitants. But let us collect some ideas for more event kinds :wink:

One of the problems that we may have in designing/inventing such events would be the circumstance that there are no or nearly no npcs and on this way also no “standard quests” we know from other games. Keep that in mind while posting your ideas.

I just give it a start: What’s about invasions of certain kinds of creatures? For example there could spawn a large group of guardians or predators that roam arround in a group till somebody (or better a group of buddys ^^) catch them and bring them down. This could also happen through a gate or nest (as a continious spawnpoint) which can be destroyed if you reach it. For Balancing issues the game could check how many player are in the area of the event and then chose a fitting number of creatures to spawn. On this way lone strangers would not be overrun by a horde of whatevers :wink:

Also there could be something like a lunar event that makes all normaly friendly creatures agrassive. That could happen every 25-50 nights and would be really cool cuz if you are out to expore it could get real dangerous if not prepared :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What are your ideas? :wink:


Place stone henge type structures randomly throughout maps and claim them so they can’t be broken down by players. Like you said, on occasion a portal opens and an invasion (not sure of what, but pick some universal baddy) piles out and grows worse until dealt with. Maybe a gradually growing blight spreading out from the henge that kills all plant life and spawns all sorts of nasty things, poisons the water, etc. baddy’s will patrol the edge of the blight attacking anything that moves.

Eventually, love to see players be able to open one of these gates and mount a counterattack. Then you essentially have procedurally generated raids.

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The henches are a good idea. May be they stay until the regeneration tears them down again. To let players open such gates would be cool, but there should be different ones with that option.

The blight would be like the shard auras mentioned in the linked topic above. Having that combined with a hench or gate would be a good idea as well :wink:

hate to post my own threads but i think they apply here:

for example it would be epic to have like a rain of falling stars at one night. or eclipses, northern light, so on so forth.

oh also this one, totally need this one:

but will come with some stuff later when i have the time :wink:

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So ideas:

  • A meteor crash, it brings new resouces with it.
  • Some kind of magical stone that increases monster spawn rate. It appears under special circumstances.

combine the 2. for awesome spawn shrines/relics falling from the sky and crashing into the land. pretty good for an event.

but something to think about. how should the event work? should it be like guildwars where you get a popup that an event is nearby? like FF14 where you spawn the events yourself? i dunno.

but i definately liked the eso and trove system of summoning creatures at random. so a portal would open and something that would kick your ass would spawn xD

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Don’t do either of those systems. I don’t think they go with the feel of the game as it’s rather low on intrusive UI. Just make a really loud noise from the direction of the event that covers a certain area. Players will recognize what it means and try and find it. Simple, not intrusive, and still useful.

If it’s something falling from the sky, then you can see the graphic from far away and hear the impact, maybe even see some screen shake. If it’s a portal opening, you get a sound like the fabric of the world is being torn open (no idea what that sounds like).

The more UI there is, the less immersive the world becomes in my opinion. Simple but obvious cues are best. All you need is some natural occurrence that makes the player think, “something big is happening, I should check it out.”


Good points. As to portals - I think they should not be altered in any way as they appear to be in its current states. My only suggestion was to be able to place them midair horizontally. For parachuting into another world.

A really nice random event would be a temporary world. It should have great resources and an abundance of danger. Lots of enemies, pvp and Lots of damaging blocks like lava and “ember”. That would be fun just to fight over resources for a weekend.


Not really random, but there have been talk about daily and weekly worlds. that is definately also something i look forward to :smiley:

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How would you/one make this work? I mean lots of worlds have to be created for this. I have no real overlook on how time consuming generating a world in the WB is. Although the image of lots of players creating worlds and submitting is not bad. IDK. And if lots of people submit, the worlds have to be evalutated somehow, proply. Watcha think?

Ton of player created worlds. i made a long talk about that in a post that wasnt mine, gonna dig it up later.

So can instanced worlds be a thing? Player made challenge worlds. Put a group together and compete for fastest clears and best loot. Put it up on a scoreboard for that world. Completely random thought but would be fun for tight nit groups of players.

no need - it’s alright. it’s great idea : ) but another silly question - how would one/you play all these worlds - they’re supposed to be huge right?. would require megatons of people actually sweep through worlds.

course you arent gonna get through all of it, that is the cool thing isnt it. kinda like mazerunner. enter a world where you have 12 hours to complete the objective you want (titan killing, rare mineral mining) and then get out before it closes.


i think i remember they saying that instanced titan fights are cheap. so i assume they dont like that idea.

you do realize that some wolds will be as big as 16 km x 16 km right? xD

EDIT: you can rent worlds for private use where you can white list people and basically control it. but i think that is the only thing.

I like the maze runner idea. The only issue I see with that is the limited amount of exploring that you can do. Seems kind of a waste on really cool maps.

point is that you can explore something new everyday. also if we say that there enteres 10000 people every day. then we need something this big and such a small timeframe to get somethign for everybody.

It’ll be like locusts attacking a field. The once proud creator will watch as 10000 players pillage his beautiful world for the resources and then leave after 12 hours

it was you who said they were too big. im just pointing out the obvious.