Ideas for the game

obstacle courses have been made already, @Pseudonym84 knows about that.

bombs are in development.

mounts would be cool, but eh, not important to me.
i do not understand More.3
i do not understand what you mean by your original point 2. i believe the devs have planned on ladders, just not gotten to them yet.

water doesn’t flow very powerfully, so slides and ice are a better bet than trying to make a water slide. they will work on buckets and such once they can think of a way to keep griefing to a minimum and have time to ddevelop them

take this with a grain of salt. i’m just a player.

just a newbie with some ideas I’m sorry

I mean I’m just a player whose been here for awhile. I’m just answering what I can as best I can

about point 2 I meant that it would be nice to be able to build a big base area on like a small platform for instance a tree house it has a small trunk and a large space above it. is that something you can do?

I appreciate that very much!!

As of what is currently in the game, you can fit a 5x5 circular staircase, 3x3 for the stairs and then walls around it, and that is currently the best you can do.

You can make it a grapple-able method, but then you better hope your grapples don’t break.

Eventually ladders will be a thing though.

that’s cool, thanks man! since you’ve been here awhile how long do you think I may have to upgrade to the master package? I’m not sure how far along the game is and id like to get that before it releases.

the 1.0 is supposed to be coming out late this year. so for a safe bet, i’d say 5 months.

@james any suggestions for Cloud Strife?

Hey there, @Cloud-Strife, and welcome to Boundless! (huge fan of VII by the way. I’m sure @Scratchnwiff will also appreciate your name - he’s been toying with the idea of building Aerith’s church or the slums for a while now)

I’ll try my best to address your queries, but I have no experience with the World Builder, so I’ll skip those - though @Stretchious or @Nyuudles might be able to help out there, as they’re seemingly experts with the program!

  • Bombs - They are a planned feature, and the meshes seem to have already been made, so hopefully they’re not too far off! You can see what they’re to look like here;
  • I’m right behind pets and mounts. I have a soft spot for Wildstock and Roadrunners, so I’d like a Wildstock pet and a Roadrunner mount. That’d do nicely. I’d also like to tame a bunch of hunting Wildstock, and train them to murder Spitters…

  • Myself, @Jeffrotheswell, @Spoygg and @Dzchan94 built an assault course; ‘Spitter’s Maw’. If you want to check it out, the forum post is here;

  • I’m also right behind fishing and farming. I can’t find the quote, but I’m sure these things have been taken into account. We perhaps won’t see these features in the 1.0 release, but maybe in the future!

  • As for things to do - this is a sandbox game, so most of the time you’re coming up with your own projects. Myself and the Elop Portas build team already have months of things on our to-do list! And we’re not even in a finished state of the game!

There will be guilds, objectives, cities and capitals though, so there’s plenty to come in regards to community objectives.

I hope that helped. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask @james. He’s rarely busy…


Some details here. At the moment we’re planning to sell the current tiers up to 1.0.


Welcome to Boundless, @Cloud-Strife! @Pseudonym84 was right. Love the name :slight_smile: and since everyone’s answered most of the stuff (I can’t really chime in abt the world builder) u should visit PixelGate some time. There’s a really cool ice slide that curves around a snowy mountain (u can’t miss it) and @Dzchan94 also made a water park in Elop Portas. The community is very strong here, and theres so much to do, just not enough time :smile: hope to see you in game sometime!


thanks everyone, and this is kinda my go to game until ff vii remake releases… if it ever does. I just want to be able to get the master package before its too late. Ive referred plenty of people to this game just for the simple fact that you kinda get to create your own space.

I do have a friend who plays but he hasn’t gotten very far because his cpu doesn’t run the game very well.

I’m hoping to make something nice but, I put my home beacon somewhere random and I don’t know how to move it at the moment. I’m trying to understand it all. I’m currently also trying to make my package specific items with no luck.

You won’t be able to make these yet - probably not until the release of 1.0

As for moving your beacon, you should be able to whack it a few times and it’ll become a collectable block. Just remember, anything else you’ve placed will then be unprotected. If you have a lot of stuff to move, best thing to do is create another beacon, place it wherever you want your new digs and move stuff over bit-by-bit, then just retrieve your old beacon.

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can any of you tell me how to get close to you guys since youre active, everyone here is gone, its like a ghost town

What server are you playing on?

Depending on that, you’ll find some settlements around

But don’t worry, heading to your local settlement will most likely result in you finding portals to go around to all the 12 planets currently available

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I honestly have no clue, solumn I think

also why I want to get the master package, to build an awesome public world.

um i dont think this is out there yet but you should make it so for the slip block or the one that lets you slid on it that you can create you should let people mix it with glem to get new collors like mixs a slip block in the mixer to make it red so it looks like flowing lova but it is not so you can have a cosmetic effect with it

Or instead of gleam, colored dye?


Or instead of coloured dye, Spitter poison?