Spitter's Maw

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Two weeks ago @Jeffrotheswell had this idea;

Having absolutely no experience building such things, I figured I was perfect for the job! And so I present; ‘Spitter’s Maw’! (cue terrifying music)

To avoid spoiling the experience for people who have yet to venture inside, I’ll save the screenshots for the bottom of the post, and hide them behind a spoiler tag.

Location: Elop Portas, at the crevasse beside the dragon’s head. The entrance to the trials is located here; (you jump down the well beside the Emerald Gem Block and the Healing Brew stand.)


  • Contestants are only allowed to bring food or healing brew with them. No grapples, no torches - no other equipment at all.

  • Due to the nature of respawning (and the ability to glitch into different parts of the course after death) if you die, you must bump your warp to the surface and start again from your furthest checkpoint. There are three checkpoints (Emerald, Ruby and Amethyst)

When you reach one of these checkpoints during the course, you may then use the corresponding gem blocks on the surface to return to that point (as seen below)


  • There are portals involved, so if you’re experience lag I’d refrain from entering, as you may find yourself trapped behind a portal. If you do get trapped behind a portal, you can return to sanctum to escape. I’d still advise taking your time in the portal section and waiting for the portals to load.

  • Be sure to set a way-point at the start line. The network of Spitter’s Maw is vast, and you could find yourself in an unknown part of Elop Portas if you’re unfortunate enough to lag your way out of one of the walls.

  • You will probably die, so make sure you’re not carrying anything expensive - though if you’re following the rules you shouldn’t be carrying anything at all - which means nothing in your hands! (this is important for a certain section)

Well, that’s about it! Here’s some screenshots for those of you who don’t mind spoilers;



[details=YouTuber Attempts]




[/details][details=Best Time]@Xanotos - 2:25[/details]

Special thanks to @Jeffrotheswell for designing and building the final lava section, and for helping to excavate the crevasse. @Spoygg for dying countless times in the name of science! He was an obedient guinea pig, who saved me testing this place out myself… and a helpful digging buddy too.

Also thanks to @Dzchan94 and the rest of the Elop Portas build team for all their advice!

Have fun!


I’ll get right on and try that!


I’ll definitely check this out tonight!


@Scratchnwiff We have been called. We must answer :wink:


And answer we shall. My life may go forgotten, my many deaths fail to be of note, but I venture into Hell… And to Glory.

If I don’t make it out @DanBeforeTime, please burn a spitter in my honor.


I think I saw @Pseudonym84 pree burning spitters the other day.
To be clear everyone hates spitters but his hatred for them is so pure so … so …so boundless.


Bwahahaha, aptly put!


I forgot to mention in the original post, but if you’re looking to try this out, I’d recommend doing it sooner rather than later, as there’s a patch looming over us that - from what I’m told - will render some of the jumping puzzles inside obsolete (due to jumping skills).


Unfortunately that is true. My test guy can leap over small buildings.


You can always impose a rule of no douvle jumping

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That’s an idea @Xanotos; no double jumping… or a rule that states you must enter bound at the hip to @Steggs101. That’ll keep things nice and difficult.

In that case @Jeffrotheswell, we must create a new course! With jumps the size of ‘small buildings’.


Done it. I had no trouble until the ice room, where I fell 3-4 times (losing about 1/2 my hp). After that, no trouble until I was about halfway up the lava-chasm, where I accidentally jumped after I hit that narrow ledge with a blind lava pit on the other side. Nasty trick, that. One death. Next attempt I succeeded in climbing out.

Edit: The section where you’re supposed to drop down and then start climbing up the lava-falls/crevice is a bit confusing. I actually ended up going to the right initially, and jumping into the more obvious tunnel over there, where I promptly looked up while standing in the pool and realized I was back at the start.

Edit 2: The patch is even worse than you guys are thinking. Even the normal, un-skilled jump is far superior to ours. It’s about 30% higher and has some “hang” time at the top before descending more slowly (at least initially) than ours does. It’s almost as if you had some big wings on your back (but not quite strong enough to fly) and could give a flap to make your jump a bit higher, then sort of glide down. I can see it making this challenge a LOT easier, even without heightened jumps and double jumps.


If I may ask, how many rooms comprise the portal maze? I’m thinking 4, but for all I know it could be 16 or more and I just got lucky.


Glad you made it through @AzureHelios! Yeah, I agree that I may have made that connection rather confusing. I may figure a way to make it stand out more - though I was somewhat limited to where I could put the ice cave due to the size of it.

One death though! That’s good!

Oh, and as for the portal maze - it’s made up of three identical rooms, though the starting room and ending room are also identical (they just don’t have four portals), so it’s only actually 3 portal rooms. It’s actually funny going in there with someone else, because you can see two of them in some cases.


Hey!! You’d be lucky to be bound to my h… ok fine I die everywhere I go… :frowning:


@Pseudonym84 Wow. I’m thoroughly impressed. That really was a good time. The portal maze is very clever! As soon as I entered the first one I got really excited to figure it out. Didn’t think it could get much better than that, but the ice really blew me away. The slopes and jumps together on the ice was sneaky;) 10/10 loved it.


Thanks @Smooth-Slick! I appreciate the kind words.

Did you manage it all without dying?


Well no…but that’s my fault. The first time I went in, I didn’t realize I was supposed to jump up the leaves. Thought I was supposed to drop down the hole to the blocks around the lava. Which didn’t work😂 After that I made it through without dying though:p took some damage on two falls in the ice zone as well.


Haha @Smooth-Slick. It was either @Spoygg or @Jeffrotheswell that peered down that hole, the first time they were there, and asked ‘down there?’

I responded ‘yes’ but they unfortunately saw through my lies.

@Steggs101, you managed to die exploring the Boundless city. I have no doubts when it comes to your dying ability.


Steggs, don’t listen to them. It’s easy to die if you get surprised and don’t pay attention to your health. I believe in you