Ideas what i could do?

Hi, sorry for my bad English, I was never taught it and I learned it over the years through MMOs, because I often have to use the translator. Therefore, please answer in very simple English without abbreviations.

On the subject. Do you have any ideas what I could do? - I have to admit it’s out of breath.

  • I can’t build.
  • run a shop? - with what? gives everything? or you have to offer everything so cheaply that you don’t earn anything yourself.
  • operate a portal hub? too expensive and there are already enough.
  • run a mall? there is enough and everything is almost empty

Quitting is out of the question, if only for the reason that Clayton was so dear to me to build my cat memorial and he did it great and now he is also building me a great, very great base.


I think marble, brick and concrete still do well. It’s mainly the builders remaining at this point and we get lazy gathering everything ourselves :smile:


There are native English speakers with worse English than yours. It think your writing is perfectly fine.
You can, like most of us, run in circles around their base or participate in hunts, time to time.
Sometimes I feel like just sitting in my house, other times I jus explore other people’s builds.
The most joy I had is from building the Horizontal Sap farm - so you could try to make mines and farms for helping others :slight_smile:



Ditto this - creating resource farms/mines doesn’t require building talent, and people really seem to appreciate them. :smiley:

On shops, there are a lot of raw mats with plenty of demand. Personally, I find a ton of relaxation in Boundless by rather mindless hunting, mining, and gathering - I zone out to music and chill. For hunting, a low-stress, high-profit option if solo is to head to my Hunting Grounds portals - hunt roadrunners and hoppers on flat high-tier areas. With full control/shadowstep, and good speed, you can earn a lot pretty easily and one slingbow will last quite awhile.


There are already dozens of shops with cement, marble and bricks and they are all so cheap, they are already being given away. And I can’t afford that, I only have 100,000 coins.

Yes, I often just walk around and look at the often very great and beautiful places of other players or just sit for hours at my cat memorial.

And I absolutely don’t like hunting. And taking part in a hunt, my PC can’t do that (too weak with all the players and effects), and neither do I, because it’s just too hectic for me.

Still, something has to be found, a task …

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You made a good list of what you don’t want to do. Can you make a list of things you enjoy doing when you play?


I know a trick that works on my wife when we try to decide on where to go to eat…

@Balkinus I got a project in mind, can you guess what it is?

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Not at the moment. At the moment everything seems to be pointless and useless.

Hm like paka said try making a nice farm or something to help others look for jobs such as building or farming build new builds even just out of pure boredom

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What types of things do you like to do in other, similar games?

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Could try the raw mats, that’s what I do, people like processing them, making their own stuff - ores, beans, and such. One axe can last a long time if you go to the tops of Island Tree areas and collect, good profit there. Collecting Bitter Beans in particular is very lucrative… and easy if you use Maze areas, which are glacier and not ice, so you walk normally. :slight_smile: Stuff like that, don’t even really need a store, usually baskets paying well for them.


Raw material? I did it for a long time and had to offer them so cheaply that over time I went broke, that I made no profit, but always had to buy myself like expensive tools because I hate forging myself.

Collect beans? I did quite a while, but let’s face it, everyone hates that.

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These seem to be popular threads lately so instead of telling you what to do I can tell you what I do … I have a lot of hours played in a pretty short time and while I am frustrated with some things here are a short list of what I have been doing.

I set goals … some are short term, some are long term and some are well … just something I feel like doing.

If coins are an issue, there is plenty of things to do that keep busy. I tend to join hunts often, preferably T6 hunts for trophies and Oort. There are quite a few daily and weekly hunts you can join and while they are profitable I also find them fun. I also hunt meteors solo at times. Gleambow hunts are really fun too and very profitable… if you sell the rare gleam you get … sadly I keep all my gleam for a huge color storage, but if I were to sell it I can make a lot.

This one can be boring, but honestly it is probably the most profitable for me. There are many things to gather (beans, orbs, animal drops, gleam, rock, etc.). All of these can be profitable and while I am gathering I will always snag meteors when they fall just to get some bonus Oort and animal drops. Like someone said throw on some music … and gather away.

This can be profitable I tend to do it for myself and color storage, but mining and selling the ores, lucents, etc can be profitable and can help fill out a shop. Some colors are rare on the exos (black glacier, rare gleam colors, etc.) these can and are profitable.

I love to build… I could do this all day … it’s not for everyone … but for those of us that like to do it … it’s time consuming and nothing feels better than finishing a large build.

I run a few shops just fine … being profitable is questionable, but it’s possible depending on what you consider profit. I do have difficulty deciding to put something in a shop versus selling it to a request basket. 9 out of 10 times I find someone buying an item for a higher price than I can sell it in a shop, This does deter me some, but I do run a few shops most of which are profitable.

As to the other items you mentioned…

Portal Hub
I agree here unless you are in a larger guild portal hubs are going to be out of reach and there are quite a few.

Run A Mall
There are plenty of malls and many of them are decent enough. What I would love to see is a large community mall created on a sovereign or one of the current malls on a sovereign to be the main go to mall. I have most of my shops @ DK Mall and while I love DK Mall and it is usually my go to Mall, it has it’s issues. There are a few players that are buying up many plots and just leaving them empty, most without shop stands or anything. This drives me nuts, as there are a number of people I run into in DK Mall that just want to create a shop … and they can’t as these other people are buying plots once they expire and doing very little with them. Malls on sovereigns solve this. Anyways I think running a mall would be great … but you would need community buy in on this.

It’s all about goals … set some for yourself you want to accomplish and have fun.


I have found mining to be a very good coin earner as well as very relaxing to smash things to bits lol. I find it good to not have to follow a plan, do it a certain way etc.

Sure some are more effective but all will work

Edit: even buying hammers for 10k each you can still make a very very healthy profit on a decent diamond or topaz planet


As someone who has done a lot of mining, most profitable type by a fair margin I’ve found: Corrosive worlds, stick to mining along border of amethyst/emerald hotspot. Both those gems go for a good bit still, I sell cheaper than most and always make a lot on my runs, and that is also buying my hammers. But also, you get a fair bit of metal ore and fossils with it too.

With the fossils, no need for selling even, can turn into essence and mint it. If you wanted to stick to that, and get gems too, go to a sapphire or topaz world, go to the surface of a hotspot area, then dig down and keep yourself about 30-40 blocks below the surface. Maze areas on Chill worlds ideal for this as the surface in that biome doesn’t vary much and you’ll get lots of sapphires. I’ve got both T5 and T6 portals to Chill Maze areas. Bonus: Run around and chop up the Stardrops before mining!


Make a Decorative Brick store with all colors there ain’t none of those for us builders lol


Deco gems? Lucents? Or wicker etc?

I used to sell wicker, gravel and gleam. Damn things rarely ever sold

A grass seed store for @BabyCookie may be profitable …

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I would like a wicker store but I would need Huge quantities lol

Next Grass color I need is Mint Verdant gonna need 2-3k SS of it lol

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I bought my hammers for a maximum of 8000 and am now broke because I had to sell my ores and diamonds so cheaply that I couldn’t afford new hammers.