If i get a ps4 will i have to pay to play online? (on boundless)

my dad might be saving up for Xboone/PS4 but if i convince him to get PS4 will i have to pay to play boundless online?

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You should only have to pay for internet access and the game. There is currently no plans for subscription charges unless you intend to rent a private world.


i mean playstation plus will i have to have that for boundless? @ben @james

Not an official answer, but it’s very very very likely.

Any online game requires a plus subscription. So unless singleplayer is added a playstation plus account will be required since the game is strictly online. (its because xbox was a bad influence on sony and now you have to pay for online play… darn you microsoft!)

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so if i buy is i have to but ps plus to? what a waste of money ill stick to pc


AFAIK it’s only most games, not all games. Typically it’s for games that use Sony’s datacenters to host their servers. For example, you can play Destiny’s campaign w/o PS Plus.

MMOs seem to typically be exempt, presumably because they are running their own servers.

I’d wait to see what the devs have to say


yea your right they would not make you pay for a game only to make you pay again later just to play it

Your link seems to be broken, I can’t click it.

ESO requires playstation plus, and all online aspects of Destiny do. And since the game is always online, I’m guessing it will require the online services of plus.

Also, this is only the business model of basically every MMO that doesn’t run with a cash shop, so…

They’re already stated once you buy the PC game you don’t have to pay monthly. Renting servers are the only periodical payment for PC players in the foreseeable future and that’s optional.

Doh, fixed it - and here’s the relevant quote from it:


We’re still working this out. By default I’m assuming we’ll fall into the MMO bucket. But I will get confirmation and let everyone know.


Ah i see, I assumed it was similar to the xbox live model.

Most games require Plus for online play. But I have seen a few that don’t. Have to look it up, don’t remember which ones.

The game uses it’s own servers, sounds unfair to pay for sonys servers if you don’t use them.
Even if it’s a 3 year necro, now that the game is out on ps4 we be able to know now.
Can a ps4 player answer this, please? :grin:

I´m already very frustrated with this. Nowhere in the PS4 Store says that the game on PS4 can ONLY be played with a PS+ subscription !!! Just bought the game, wanted to give it a simple single player try like in Minecraft but to my surprise the game ONLY STARTS IF I HAVE PS+ subscription !!! There is no single player isolated mode for PS4 ?!!
I have zero interest in PS+ , rarely have time for huge online multiplayer things and I just wanted to experience Boundless as a single player for a while before I even think about PS+… now I spent 39€ on the game and then I have to spend extra money just to see how the game looks like !!!

This seems like my type of game , but being forced to cough up extra money besides the actual game price just to be able to make the game even start for me to take a look at it it´s just insane !!!


I don’t own any console, and don’t think ever will. But when i wen’t to PS store to see what’s on Boundless page i saw:

1 player
Network Players 2-99 - Full game requires PlayStation®Plus membership to access online multiplayer
10GB minimum save size
Remote Play Supported
HD Video Output 720p,1080i,1080p

And I agree that is totally misleading. It looks like it has 1 player mode… and we all know it does not. By all I mean long time players. I would change that ASAP not to confuse people…

CC @james

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Exactly that was what got me. 2-99 network players… ok fine… 1 player… so it must have a single player test run at least just to try it out… NOPE. The game does not even start without PS4+ … this means the game is not boundless at all in PS4 when we are tight and bound to an eternal PS4+ subscription just to open the thing for the first time.

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I can see if this was 2014 and people aren’t used to needing PS4+ but c’mon, 99% of online multiplayer has required it for years. To try to hold PS4+ against Wonderstruck is silly, imo.

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Game needing PS+ is not a problem, misleading information on PS page is a problem, like with every misleading informations.

I can’t comprehend why people go for the “pay monthly fee so you can play online”. Or are allowing themselves to get rip off with basic game content behind DLC paywall*.

But that got nothing to do with that. If PS page says there is a 1 player mode, and there is not, it’s misinformation, or to put it bluntly: a lie. In any civilized country it’s also basis for refund. I don’t know if it’s simple Wonderstruck mistake, or is it maybe problem on Sony’s side. Does not matter. There should not be such information.

*I’m not talking about boundless, because Wonderstuck don’t have this kind of DLC’s… you know what I’m talking about.

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I agree. If it says 1 player on the PS Store, that’s an issue.

My main comment was based on players complaining about PS+. PS+ at this point is nothing new and has been required for years.

In terms of monthly subscription MMO models, those have been going away. Back in the good old days of MMOs, that was all you played. I played Asherons Call in 1999. I paid $9.99 a month for 4yrs, but that’s all I paid. I had thousands and thousands of hours in the game. When I calculated out my investment cost it was something like $0.06 an hour.

Game companies got smart though. They realized they didn’t need to charge monthly to make more money. If you make the game good enough, you can make way more on the DLC/Store model.