If you could pick just one thing


Craftable Backpacks for inventory space would be the ONLY thing I could imagine adding that could improve the game on the most basic level. Everything else in my opinion is amazing!


Fishing. Ability to fish out different types of fish for food and/or rare item’s. I personally love the fishing in Minecraft and would love to see it here


Fishing needs to be in this game.


Gardening would be better. Especially to make sackcloth less rare and more assessable. It also gives builders/shop owners something to do around their home/shop


Gardening was all ready suggested a few times lol


spear fishing giant sea creatures with swim speed+dive skills, boats, harpoon-hover-surfboards?


I like it… As long it’s not you I’m down with it. :wink: You could be upstanding in my book again if you unbanned me from discord during alpha for doing nothing wrong. I would maybe put a statue of you in my shop.


In game voice coms cross platform so people can’t control the community via discord and make the game literally unfun as it’s not designed to be played solo. You know who you are… :rage:


stacking all hammers(other tools) together
stacking all chisels together
stacking all ore together
stacking all animal resources together


I’m gonna break the rules.

  1. Water source blocks.
  2. A Hex-chisel so I can carve blocks into octagons.
  3. All doors lock together, regardless of type.
  4. A “merge beacons” option. (Within a single character)
  5. Carpet and wood flooring that works like grass but on Solid blocks (rock, stone, wood, timber, brick, etc)


This would be great. Discord sucks for consoles


Good news sackcloth is easy to get now,just find a desert


We should add gardening though, i dont think anyone mentioned that yet


Those arrow plants grow like weeds on Storis II


PVP systems for sure. It’d add infinite longevity to the game.


As long as it’s restricted to a new planet and doesn’t provide rewards you can’t get elsewhere.


or as long as players dont drop the items in their inventories…i see alot of potential problems w/ pvp in boundless…mainly…hunters being mobbed after doing meteors…or miners on their way back from T5+ worlds.


As a hoarder I love this idea. I want to collect everything!


They should allow for chiseling glass.
They should also have a curving chisel.


I agree, this should be the main focus because it’s on the website but no titans in game… false advertising!