If you could pick just one thing


I would pick real life animals that can be tamed. Can’t feel so comfortable with imaginary creatures around. Would be happier if I could see some dogs , cats , chicken , cows , sheep and birds. Also dangerous ones like bears , lions , tigers , eagles and piranhas.


I would like to see improvement on plants and flowers. Like them being extracted in an extractor for seeds, and then able to farm them instead of hunting them.


Fishing, I would like nothing more to travel to different regions and planets to catch fish that only live in those regions.


I finally want titans!!! :smiley:


Food\tools for lava diving.


In game mail and ability to accept friend invites over chat commands


Lore pieces to randomly find! (Was my favorite part of Ark and Secret World)
I want to know more about the Citizens and the Oort!


Not sure if this has been said yet. Titans.


i want a plague.
Something that gives everything a darker purpose through the struggle to survive and fight this plague (and it can be fought only with much cooperation and team effort). Something that turns parts of a planet or even a whole planet extremely hostile (at least for a while). It spreads and must be countered and contained and vanquished whereever it appears


Oooo, a plague that affects planet chunks in the style of Conway’s game of life. That would be epic (epically geeky!).


what about structure in addition to block placement? lets say you can mark a certain block arrangement, save this as blueprint and place this whole structure with one click? never played the alpha, so sry when my suggestions are already realized or stupid for some reason


Do u have craftable traps in the game? Trapping is always a relaxed way to earn the morning steak in survival games :smiley:


Bumping because it’s not been in the discussion for some time and it drives me crazy. If I could pick just one thing, without a doubt, for me, it’s give us an indicator on machine and workshop equipment that lets us know that it is done crafting and what materials are ready. . . AT A GLANCE (without having to click on the machine.) You know, similar to the update you made to shop stands that display what is for sale in them. When are we going to get this for machines? It is very difficult to run down rows of 50+ machines and try to remember what was crafting.


A search text filter for the crafting and knowledge windows.


Finding rare seeds who can only be planted in pots which gives rare flowers/food or a dangerous monster plant who needs to be slayed for a little action? :kissing_heart:


A new permission that allows other players to use shop stands inside your beacons.

It would be nice to be able to run a public market that anyone can buy and sell at.


Different types of backpacks. Like mining pack. Gathering pack. That could hold like 9 fullstacks of certain item. Inventory is a mess when you go mining wheb you ebd up with 1 of this 1 of that.


Fishing and farming…and ability to MOVE WATER!!! I have a waterless pool/hot tub, need the water.


Mounts and/or vehicles. Allows for the ability of faster travel through crafting and a pet system. And then you can add a road mechanic where mounts and vehicles receive a massive boost for roads. But off road, there is very little boost. This will encourage the community to pave roads between important nodes.


if this happened then they would have to re-write the agility skill and take it out of the game. then add in a vehicle skill. Personally with agility skill upped, it’s pretty dang fast, then there is portals and warps. Can’t get any faster than that.