If you could pick just one thing


one word
taking the moebius express to the next town would be AWESOME


I love it, but as portals currently work, there is no reason to take the train when I can walk there in 12 steps.

I’d definitely like to see portals be replaced by vehicles for transport within a world, with portal networks as the main means to travel between worlds.


Candyland :smiley: Seriously. I would be so happy there. Oh, two things - unicorns lol.


A better way to remove lava. :’(

Edit: When building underground.


perfect! I love it!


I would like to see FREE single hop only portals.


Totally agree. I had friends starting and jumping on the portal travel wagon right away. Then dying on dangerous world’s while exploring losing tools and little coin that they had to get out of tight spot through Sanctum warp. People just walk into cul de sacs without tools skills and coins to get out of trouble on their own.
Long time ago when locks were introduced there was talk about possibility of coin locks and that would be awesome to have to pay for portal usage. Also great reward for those who work hard to keep them open.

I also like the idea of time gates.
In general I would support any and all sensible ideas that make the game more challenging (like death penalty and inability to fully remove it through skilks).


A very exciting idea!


Alright, here me out on this, but what about two handed weapons/tools? I’m thinking like iron and higher only tools like sledge hammers that mine 3x3, huge sweeping axes that deal damage in an area in front of the character at the cost of stamina? I think that this would be a good way to add more weapons into the game, and the chance to deal out more damage!


I mean something like this. Big, heavy, lil impractical in small skirmishes, but great for those meteor raids!


OMG, If they ever put massive weapons in the game I’d have to stop playing. I have this weird phobia of oversized weapons and can’t play games like Monster Hunters for example. Oh god, now you all know what a little weirdo I am. :open_mouth:


at least it wouldnt be used on you in here - just the mobs


That’s true lol. I could just warp away if I saw someone with it, too. LOL


:joy: ohh good greaf that’s funny! no final fantasy for you then :rofl:
thanks for the good laugh.


I think what might be cool is some kind of ‘Portal Gun’ that could be used much like the grapples. How it could work is you fire a projectile and it opens a portal in front of you to the required target destination allowing instant travel over short distances.

You could have them be really difficult to make, so like top tier kind of equipment that people could aim for after they’ve got all the grapples.



Really love the idea of having players being able to provide quest to the community. Maybe a bulletin board where players can pick them up and complete them.


I’m not gonna lie, that did give a chuckle. I didn’t even think about that when I came up with it and I see your point.

There is a difference between simply heavy weapons and ridiculously huge weapons. I would like to keep this as relatively realistic as possible, and not have players running around with broad swords 6 times their size. The Pole Arms (I guess that’s what the turtle is using? I looked for a hour to see what the hell it was called and couldn’t find it) and heavy tools would be about player height, maybe slightly higher at the most.


Isn’t there the massive sword statue?


But scale though, a statue is cool because it’s not this massive YUGE thing swinging in the air and looking all terrifying. Shivers


I would like picture frames similar to the signs that we could put artwork in. I have this grand plan of building a temple archive dedicated to lore and legend and it would be really cool if I could create murals to illustrate the sign text.