If you have quit, how much coin did you quit with?

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I was having a conversation earlier with one of my neighbors and stumbled across a few thoughts that led me here.

We’ve seen a lot of people quit the game, and the dip in population has definitely affected the economy. I don’t think it’s only because of people not spending. I think there is a substantial leak in the economy from both ends.

The people that get burned out and quit aren’t new players, these are players that have likely participated in the economy in some form or another.
When someone quits, they often give away their possessions but how often do they give away their coin?
When you’re planning to quit but might come back in the future, what do you do?
You liquidate all your assets down to core essentials and convert to coin. And then log out with 10s or 100s of thousands of coins.

I’m an active player and I love the game, this post isn’t about asking for change or to brainstorm and “solve” this issue.
This topic also isn’t meant to be a flame war, just voicing a conclusion I drew today and wanna hear other people’s opinions on the subject and if my reasoning seems sound. Haven’t seen this side of the economic crisis discussed yet

Well one of the issues is footfall used to give a decent amount of coins for some places and when that was heavily nerfed those that had good shops going and quit could easily take out over a million coins and more from the game.

And with the market collapse that followed and the crash of gem prices and the items that used it such as coils and forged equipment and even more so with some of the new planets offering so many more resources then the other planets it has driven the cost of some items down enough to compensate except very few stores now buy items while most just try selling.

People are mostly hording coins and it’s going to be rough for newer players to be able to purchase some items still unless we switch over to a barter system somehow with the use of discord over using coins.

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I don’t think footfall is to blame either.
If there a hole in the bucket, the solution isn’t more water, the solution is a cork or a new bucket.


The issue is that was the only way to get coins in the market outside of the quests and what you got from the quests is minimal really.

When such a large amount was stopped from being added to the economy and then people who have been able to profit from it and have quit or are hording the coins it creates serious issues as we have seen the past month.

Unless they introduce another way to get coins such as from enemies we defeat or such it will continue to be a large issue for many.

That’s how you end up with a depression in a real economy. Flood the market with money that has nothing to back it. Footfall isn’t being touched for good reason.

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I mean, we’re constantly seeinghow fickle the economy is. Who buys coils anywhere else but Centless at this point? Imagine if @Salvatory decided to leave the game right now after amassing however much they have made.
And that example has happened many times over already in different forms

I won’t be quitting :wink: - my coin gets reinvested in two places. Firstly I go out shopping to restock the things I don’t farm for from shops that sell things really cheap, and secondly if you go upstairs in Centless you’ll see a weird green monolith type object, and behind there are the prizes I’m amassing for future hunts/other activity prizes.

I try to reinvest the coin (mostly in Moonies currently! :wink: - and usually end up running around random planets looking for cheap shops at least twice a week to inject the profits back into the system.


21k, and growing each time I check back to collect Footfall and items sold.

Same here…love me Moonies (though I’ve been seeing a steady increase in competitive pricing and range elsewhere, which is promising).
Do tend to spend any surplus money on forged goodies (might start forging myself with the upcoming changes though).

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got anything for the pricepot for my project :grin:

im dirt poor spend it all on this project lol but i can offer a nice sponsorwall give some credits :smile:

I’ll have a look later :slight_smile:

Okay, I’m confused. How does a player leave and their coin is in their inventory affecting the game? I am thinking that the game programing creates coins as needed.
High prices are part of the problem, and this is just my opinion. Went into a shop yesterday looking for some stuff, wanted to sell some sap and maybe glue. The shops want to give me 1 to 3 coins for my glue but are selling it from 50 to 100 coins. I do the labor and make no profit. I have to go and chop the trees to get the sap, kill the critters to get the bones. That is the wear and tear on my axe and slingbow. The cooking of glue and bone is the wear and tear on my furnace and the usage of my wood or coal. That cost me time and in some ways money (coin). Yet the shop owner sits and does no work and wants to make a huge profit. Same with rice, oats and four. I get 1 coin for the seeds and they ask 200 coins for the results of my collecting the seeds and making the flour, rice and oats.
I’ll throw away my leaves, sap, spicy beans before I get ripped off by some greedy shop. May sound silly and stupid to do so, but it is my labor that gets me the items.
Saw spooky seeds in shops from 500 to 5000 coins also. Shameful, just shameful.
Sorry, really ticked off from the unfair prices that keep me from getting coins to buy what I need to make items; which would have helped the economy.
Original question and others, why does it matter if they keep the coins? and others are, if it is so important to get coins out, why not pay more for what players sell and cheaper prices so they can buy. And also spend it yourself instead of hording it as I read some do here?
These questions are curiosity and trying to understand the economic aspect, not all are meant to be whining or ranting.

I save that for my opinions on what I see as the unfairness of pricing.


I belive this massive deflation is good for new players tbh.

It gives the money from leveling and feats alot more value. I mean 1-3 gem coffers and your allready able to get into climbing the gemwall.

Hmmpf!! Ive always outpriced moonies!
Really greatfull for the shop! It got me to endgame!

But still ive sold 3x3 hammers with no dmg loss for the same as monies sold hammers aoe hammers without dmg boon.

But it seems alot of players dont use this forum
(a real shame)
So building a costumerbase is hard.

I havent really quit, my play time has been significantly reduced. However my coin count is so very low I probably couldn’t warp to my friends.
I get deflated when I have to spend literally all of my coin because I can’t (couldn’t before, not sure about now with the new planets) find any gems and need to progress to powered machines…
Anyways enough rambling.
Across 5 characters I have probably no more than 10k (3 are bankrupt, 2 might have some leftover from feats and havent gone shopping yet.)

Like @ctrl-64 I haven’t quit, but only play a couple hours a week now. Other than a few request baskets I have out for my buddy’s extra iron and wildstock eyes, I have around 6m across my characters that aren’t currently going back into the economy.

edit: typo

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You do all the work while shop owners do nothing? Hmmm
Shop owners:
Buy plots
Search for a decent location
Make plotters & plot it
Use their SHOVELS, HAMMERS, TOOLS, FOOD+ to fix the land
Use their tools ^^^^^^^ to go collect rocks, foliage, gleam, sand, soil, coal, inky leaves, nails, etc
Use their machines + coal + ingredients to refine rocks, cook glass, make shop stands, make signage, etc
Use days/weeks/months to build an attractive shop
Constantly check stands to maintain inventory
Go collect & make items to re-stock inventory that they weren’t able to buy
Use their weapons & time to hunt meteors to gather oort
Use their coal/machines to process the oort
Locate shop portals & keep them fueled to make it convenient for buyers to find them
Advertise once in awhile to bring in buyers…
But hey, evil shop owners don’t do anything. ;p


Atm if i would. 700k

I am afraid I agree with @Janna55. It takes no more effort for the shop owner to gather than it does the person selling to them and I would argue it does not take more effort to keep your request baskets full, especially when you are buying and then turning around and selling the same item than it does for the person looking for a shop to buy what they have. The effort on behalf of both parties to make glue as was her example is the same.

Even if they had to build a shop, that is no different than someone having to build the workshop with the machines and storage to make what is being sold to the shop. Best case the effort is the same between the shop owner and the person selling to them. So do the shop owners do nothing? No I think they do expend effort but not necessarily more than the person selling to them.

I think her point is it seems easy to find players that do not value the time of the person selling to them, but certainly value their time when they mark up something by from 3c to sell to the shop to 50c to buy from the shop. I have run into the same situation when I was even willing to look for a shop. It is frustrating to feel that I wasted 30 minutes looking for a shop on top of gathering and crafting to be told my time is work so little but the shop owners time is worth so much more.

Now do all shop owners do this? No they do not, but I have run into enough examples of this to say it is not that uncommon either. So back to the topic, have I quit the game and how much coin did I have, I have about 500,000 in coin. However I am playing less (not due to the economy situation) and pretty much stayed out of the economy. It takes way too much time to buy and sell, and I often feel that my time is not valued by the shop owners, so it is easier to not participate in that aspect of the game and just work with people I know in game to swap for what I need or just gather/make it myself.


“Evil shop owners” get their rewards from the profit they make. If I get paid 3 coin for my glue and you get paid 50c for it, you do have to pay taxes on it. But I doubt it is more than 10coin And once you have put out the expenses, and deducted the cost of it all, you are making a huge profit.
My dad owned three businesses, I know how it works. And he had more upkeep than that shop owner does, they don’t pay salaries, utilities, property taxes, state and federal taxes, social security for themselves and employees, Medicare, insurance for themselves and for their businesses. It is clear profit. So, 3 coins for me and the “evil shop owner” get 37. Who came out ahead? If it is cut in 1/3, I get somewhere around 12-14 coins and the shop owner gets the rest I would have no problem with it. :slight_smile:

I believe in fairness. Those low payouts and sales at high prices make low level players feel ripped off and they don’t like it. Put yourself in their shoes and walk that mile is all that I ask high level players to do.

Oh, adding insult to injury, shop owners get footfall, most new players don’t know about it and may not build near cities so lose out. So, they don’t get any of that. Before my neighbor put in portals I got no footfall, now I get around 30 a week, wow, a lot of coins.