If you: Sell Boundless Crafted things IRL

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I’ve wondered for sometime if people that craft Boundless items (IRL) sell them online on sites such as Etsy, eBay or Amazon…ect.

If you do please post them here, I’m sure I’m not the only one that may be interested in obtaining some of these items.

If you do sell crafted things of boundless and post it I’ll add it to this topic to be listed for everyone to be able to see.

(If this is something not allowed on the forums, please lock and hide)


I was thinking about designing some stuff Boundless related to sell on redbubble.

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The only thing I have found online is basically posters lol

I had thought about doing paintings of peoples characters. But thought it might be against some kind of copyright or something.


I thought about that also. Though I buy stuff from Etsy and see all kinds of items self created after movies/shows/games there so not sure about the copyright situation.

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Usually, that’s entirely up to the discretion of the rights holder to decide.

Just look at Nintendo and its hatred of even free fan creations.


Just do it until someone threatens a lawsuit - then erase all knowledge of it ever existing :wink:


I would normally suggest asking the devs or IP owner to give consent…but yea not likely to get a dev reply to much other than a support request atm, so crack on

Appropriate quote :

“Don’t ask permission seek forgiveness”


If I still had a laser cutter I’d make you guys stuff, sold it last year though

My vinyl cutter broke too

I just asked about this in the art thread before seeing this one haha

In this case, you would be seeking more than just forgiveness when you have to pay back all your profits plus damages.

Probably best to either ensure it’s fair use or get permission.

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Don’t ask for forgiveness. Fake your own death and move to the Caribbean


Indeed, getting permission is definitely the way forward. The post went kinda tongue in cheek at the end lol.

Unfortunately, I think doing it properly and getting the required response on permission could be difficult, not because of my usual QQ devs don’t respond booo approach, but because its quite possible that there are changes in ownership/larian NDA/legal blah blah going on at the moment that would totally prevent it- which may be the reason not much other utter essentials eg my world broke topics getting responses.

Hopefully for the op they get permission and can make some cool things

I’m pretty sure the character images etc will be copyrite, and even if they’re not it’s kind of against etiquette for artists to try make money off things that aren’t theirs… even fan art and parodies are a grey area.

I’m not telling anyone what to do! But I think it’s a little rude to do without asking.

That being said, I’ve ‘sold’ a little box with a boundless design burned on to it to my buddy (he insisted on paying, id have sent it for free! <3) but that was a one off peice. It seems different putting designs on to redbubble or products on Etsy rather than being commissioned…

Again, all just my own opinions, but I’d definitely say try and check with the devs or something before selling x


I’d really like to buy a purple and a white oorty the oortling. They’re good luck.


Hmm think I’ll get my husband to try and make me some boundless stuff on his 3D printer.


This is a pretty easy 3D print… the files linked in the post should print well on most printers.

And as far as this topic, have had multiple requests to sell completed beacon controls (or printed but unpainted), but would never sell something I don’t own the IP to, without permission.


This is awesome Soju, thank you. I wouldn’t sell them either. I would also have my husband make me a storage box to put some items in and place on my wall lol. I would want anything that he might print for myself. He has printed off several things from Zelda for our 25 year old son.