iLLumiNaughty Village


Hey there! iLLumiNaughty Village is open and ready for YOU!

Have a shop? Need customers? Don’t want to be in a “mall”? Then get a token and connect YOUR custom portal to the community!

iLLumiNaughtyvVillage is located on Trior. We are the planetary hub for Ultima and soon to be for another TOP SECRET hub as well. The Naughty Village is adjacent to both hub portals, as well as the mall itself.

This mall will never be dead because dead portals pave the way for new portals. :blush: We can custom fit portals to your needs so feel free to ask us to adjust one if you like.

iLLumiNaughty has many options for shop keepers… the mall, the village and our town itself. Come check us out and pick the portal that is right for you.


I am not Illuminaughty 😅

Awesome place, highly recommended if youre looking for an active settlement with anything you could ever need at your door.


Every time I come over been 3 times now nobody is about even at different times due to people’s time zones lol

I wish to have a shop in the mall please if it’s free that is :crazy_face:



Hi Fiesty, when will you be on next?


Tomorrow afternoon def for Jaceys hunt

Are the mall places free Gina?

Oh and the places over there so colourful :sparkles:



We can hook you up after the hunt.:nerd_face::+1: and yes, they are free.

There are plots for sale but those are owned by someone else.



Hey! I had to do grocery shopping, because “apparently” humans need food to survive. :nerd_face:

Anyway, I’m in game now. I will either be in Trior or in my workshop in Kindred Bay Sorissi. Let me know when and I’ll meet you there to give plots.