Illusion Blocks

This is kind of an idea i have been playing around with in my head, and if it is possible then it would be pretty neat, alright on we go then

Illusion blocks
The idea would be a block that dont have a certain look, however it will take the look from the block it is place next to, the thing is that even though it looks like a physical block, it is not, meaning that you can walk right through it. assume it looks something like this

it would change looks when placed. let me give 2 examples.

Lets say i make a dungeon, a castle, whatever. and i want a secret entrance. i build this from real stone.

Then when i place the illusion blocks it looks like this (outline to show where the blocks are)

This area anybody can move through, but almost nobody will know that it is there, would make for epic secret rooms or secret entrances/exits

It would also work on a flat plan as here.

When placing the illusion blocks it would again take the look of the blocks (outlined for clarity)

This would work amazingly well for hidden cellars, and ofc you can make amazing death traps with them (insert evil laughter here)

The idea came from the fact that the devs said we would have some sort of trap doors, and it made me wonder how to make traps without making it painfully obvious where they were. and this is what i came up with, a few things that could be a problem

  1. How would the block not take the look of the wrong one (in the picture above, it it took the form of grass instead.

I think if possible. the block should take the illusion of the block it was placed on so to say. so if you click on a stone block it becomes stone, if you click on grass it becomes grass, no matter what there are to the sides of the blocks

  1. i think you should be able to place an illusion block on an illusion block so you can get those cool bigger length traps, if the illusion block doesnt count as an actual physical block, would that even be possible?

  2. if you remove a block that the illusion block was connected to, what would happen to the illusion block? would it stay the same block even if the ‘‘creator’’ block was gone?

  3. What if some people might ‘‘exploit’’ it to make buildings look a certain way without getting the materials (say i want to make a building of gleam blocks, but they are hard to find and i decide to just instead make a ton of illusion block on 1 gleam.

Im not really sure its an exploit, and it is pretty far fetched, but i think illusion blocks should be a bit costly to make, hence destroying that problem

@ben @james What do you think? good or horrible idea? possible or near impossible? I think it would be great since there are so many uses, but since i am not a programmer i dont know if it is possible.

What are peoples thoughts on something like this? horrible? or a decent idea?


I like it :slight_smile:

I always loved this kinda stuff in minecraft and would at all time add Secret Rooms Mod to my modpoack if it was possible.

I´ll build largest and the most beautiful castle there ever is (impossible) with illusion blocks and build small timber cottage inside it.

Awesome Idea!

even if it was possible, i imagine it will get pretty damn hard after a while since you cannot actually step on the blocks xD

Pitfall traps… pitfall traps everywhere.

I simply don’t like it based on how frustrating it would be. It would need some sort of a tell that gives it away else it would be massively abused. Example, dig a 1 wide pit around a home or town or spawn point, cover with illusion blocks. Any player entering or exiting the area falls to their doom.

Possible solutions:
glowy particle effect.
Wavering animation.
Becomes steadily more transparent the closer you get.
Becomes steadily more transparent when exposed to light.


The idea of trapdoors and hidden entrances is definitely neat but I´m not sure if there is a need for special illusion blocks once they implement some sort of electricity system with actuators. (hopefully once Crafting II is founded) I´m pretty sure that no later than a week after the implementation of such a system there will be plenty of videos like this ( /watch?v=ajjBg666AYg ) on youtube.

One issue you didnt mention is: What if a player builds some sort of hallway and completely fills it up with illusion blocks? Then any player who isnt familiar with that hallway and falls into it would have no chance to orientate himself (especially if there are some curves and obstacles)
That leads me to a general issue with trapdoors: What happens if you get somehow trapped inside a hole inside another players beacon and you dont have any shards with you to open a portal?

Another way to exploit such illusion blocks could be to build some 2x2 columns, hide inside one of them and shoot at any player that comes around. The attacked player would have no chance to see where he is attacked from.

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Would remove the entire point of the block.

well, so would they also if they just left a hole there.

could again. just leave a hole. also if you can only build them in your own beacon then thats how that is, if you go into another players beacon then i think it is alright for you to get punished in case the player build it like that.

you die. if you are trapped and you want to get out you would simply die. some people would use it to trap players who are too curious, which would be a completely valid playstyle.

That is true, however this would only be a problem on a pvp server, but if you are seeing the arrows fly through a block then that should make that player pretty suspecious.

this does indeed seem neat, however it also seems overly complicated for alot of people, and a bit too moderny for my taste, not knowing how advanced the mechanics of the game will be (although they promised it to be a bit split, so we will have some pretty advanced stuff) however it is a good argument, but it would still not really be the same.

also for your previous argument about being unfair for players, cant you do the exact same thing with this system? like a trigger plate or something that just opens the floor for players? so i could use the same argument against this system.

but both of you come with valid argument, however making it easy to see that it is fake, kinda removes the entire point of having them.

but what is the point of a trapdoor if you can just see the trapdoor? not much fun in that :confused:

1 thing that would add a neat gameplay element would be having some sort of goggles which could be equipped to make it easier to see which blocks are fake and which arent, but that might be a bit too complicated.

Easy. Add the command /respawn to the game. After u use it, u will respawn about 50 blocks away.

that would be OP as hell.

there will prob be a ‘‘spawn at home’’ button, 1 for teleport and 1 where you actually dies.

I had that idea as well, but it could lead to people falling to their deaths a lot. So I abandoned it in favor of holographic doors.

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well. so would trapdoors. but yeah i can see why some people would be afraid of it, i just think it is great that you can fall to your death, makes for awesome dungeons, traps and mazes. i dont think you should be able to just venture everywhere, never being in doubt if it is a good idea, again, if you venture into another persons beacon, then you kinda had it coming XD

We already have teleport to home and teleport to capital options.

Cool idea, but it is too easily abused for player killing. Would you like to play game where every step could mean death. We would only need team of griefers or other similar players and there would be huge area covered by illusional ground

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Sure in a beacon. But thinking that the most ideal malicious use case is in the open world in common travel paths.

So, to be precise my modified plan was to make the block be a door for all practical purposes. When crafting, you would add an additional block for it to mimic when in the closed position. In the open position, it would resemble a door.


will be changed a bit. they said they want the ‘‘teleport home’’ option, in which you paid oortstone for the teleport, just not sure how the spawn would work, would be OP if you could just spam spawn locations, maybe a sort of ‘‘altar’’ which you could revive at if you bound your soul to it?

so nobody have any problems with the idea if we make it a ‘‘beacon only’’ block? that was what i thought of from the start, and thought it was kinda obvious, but i apologize if it wasnt.

What if we simple create door which look you can alter to make it look like stone blocks for example?


tbh this would be really cool and not that hard to implement. It could simply be a crafting recipe where you include and “illusion item”- something probably dropped by enemies - and add it to the crafting table with any block you want. Then the devs could just change the settings on the block from clipping to noclip.
I’d love to see secret traps and entrances! maybe build an entire fake castle just for kicks and giggles!

That is what I said. I have been discussing with the devs to see if this is possible for my 1 item perk. Nothing is certain yet as we are just discussing it.

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Sorry I was too closely looking Zouls messages that I accidentally mentally skip yours.

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