Im leaving the game

HI MY NAME IS SHOEBILL and im leaving this game , big game kill small game , and you boundless game u never promote ur game, so we are losing players each time a big game release.

Bye love you all , God bless you all.


Cords of beacon?


We will be here when you come back :slight_smile:


Can I has your stuff?

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if he dont give it ask dune for it :grin:

I want to sit and watch his beacon fire go out as a herd of players circle around waiting to loot the area




it’s all about surviving :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m never going to understand you members of the community who continually do these replies to folks who make posts like this.

We’ve had a few folks, myself included, saying the game needs a place for exit feedback. As it stands the forums are the only place.

Several of the community members here just go round and doing making smartbutt comments about folks posting they’re leaving and then they complain about lower population, dying portals, currency drying up, and more and more problems that expose themselves as the population continues to dip.

You folks should really look in to what good your posts are doing or maybe you’re happy more people are being driven off so you can take their things.


I’d advise checking in after the next few patches, looks like content is incoming. Enjoy the break

It’s OK to take a break and come back.


If it really needs to be spelt out, I guess some people have a more light-hearted approach to such things.
This isn’t a religion or job, it’s a game.
There’s room for all types.

He’s not wrong.


Yes he was, it is supposed to be.
“You, never promote your game.”

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I wish you all the best shoebill, pay attention to your dogs.


No, where one goes another does not join. The metrics show the complete opposite.

And what’s this nonsense about posting for karma or what not? That’s the silliest thing in the world. It’s about being a decent individual which folks here seem to make a central theme for but then when it comes to decency it’s just thrown out the window.

I enjoy the game even if I have complaints of my own. I like to know why my neighbors quit playing. Maybe I can help keep them fueled for a few months if they want to come back. Sometimes it’s good to know what they found not fun so you can change your play style because you didn’t realize you were being a ■■■■, just like in the real world. But no, this is a virtual world with anonymity and people don’t like to be decent by and large.


I’m assuming English is a second language.

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anything else?

I think you made a very strong point for yourself there. I mean I think it’s sad and hilarious but you definitely made a strong point.

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a ‘Feature’ isn’t Content. Content is something you can do. Adding a new dungeon is Content, changing the color of an existing dungeon is not content. Changeing Settlements into a Guild System, is not adding content. It’s not adding anything new to the game that you can physically play with. Neither are Beacon Protections either.

They are adding Features, not Content.

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