I'm looking for a stocked well priced hunter drops shop... Where is the best?

I’m looking for a stocked well priced hunter drops shop… Where is the best?

@decuire and @Aragorn sell lots in Mark et mark. Also my store @Exploring fists market is slowly stocking up on said items you’re free to check it out.

How do you get to said shops? @Rumplypigskin

Mark et Mark in New Ultima. (-1404N, -1274E Altitude 64 Eresho). @decuire also sells them at another shop in Lamblis. There’s a portal there at this location as well. Should find what you need there. :+1:

Hmm I didnt see much hopper items… Do you ahve any you can still sell

shop around also, I’ve seen hopper cores for 450c at one shop and 1,500c at another shop.

Sometimes it is cheaper to trade. I need to do some trading of trophies, running low and I have finally been able to get what I need to make the trade items. Food is what I use for trading.

I have a shop with mob drops call House of Loot right beside the PS Angel 1 hub… i have hopper cores for 350c if that helps you out… i do my best to keep it stocked… quantities very on what I collect but I do have a friend who I ask to bring her stuff over to sell when I do not have that particular item…


Note: right behind the Portal to the right you will see the lil white house (shop) neighbor beside me in the brownish house I believe has some items as well…

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i can start stocking my spare hopper cores if you are looking for them, the stock is changing over the next few weeks to sell more surplus items that i have too.


I’m now stocking said items in my new shop on Eresho it’s called “the little blue shop” I’m hoping to keep it stocked up as I hunt every day :hugs: feel free to pop in and look around

Eresho is a large planet! Perhaps some co-ordinates or details of any portals to your shop will help people to locate it :grin:

When I get on later will send cords and a pic :hugs:

Its based on the new ULT shop plots by the new hubs can’t remember the plot though it’s right by here

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