The wood nymph/ The Exo Sprite

THE WOOD NYMPH a new wood shop based in new ULT city Eresho. Currently working towards fully stocking with all available permanent wood with non permanent exo colours where available.

Currently I’m looking at stocking wood in timber craft state. I have had a couple of questions about stocking wood as refined/ deco also. Before I commit to a larger project of stocking in multiple states I’m looking for a little bit of community opinion of what state people would look for wood in a shop.

For farming services contact me via:
in game: THE WOOD NYMPH postboxes
Forum: by private message
Discord: Rafester #0066


Also view Summers 2 giant trees opposite for your wood needs also :grimacing:

I would come often if it is in trunk state

thanks for the reply, I will look into trying to stock up on trunks this week, my limited time week but will get stocked up on these.

Due to need for extra shop stand space, THE WOOD NYMPH has moved to the plot out the front of the original building. The original shop now called THE EXO SPRITE will hold stock of exo resources (as exos spawn once I have NYMPH fully stocked.

Majority of Lustrous and Twisted timbers currently in stock. I will be expanding stock to trunks also on the upper floor. On the lower floor for those who like a little trees and bushes in their builds I will also be stocking all colours of foliage.
Stocking may take time for some smaller natural spawn colours, if there is a colour you would like that don’t currently have in stock, leave a message in the mailbox on either floor with colour and quantity and I will prioritize this as next on my list to fill up.


Look good :grinning:

Stocking Marcornus trunks and foliage in THE EXO SPRITE, Farming service available, contact me on info in OP

160k set up in request baskets for anyone looking to unload unwanted trunks in the middle of the top floor.

Great shop, and sorry, I think I emptied quite a few of your shop stands over last couple of days (need bigger inventory space for shopping trips…a lot of back and forth)…planning a largish tree build,
I blame @DKPuncherello and the lovely pics contained within :grin:

hehehe was curious as to who might have been buying so much wood :slight_smile: if there are colours you need i dont have enough stock of to cover feel free to drop a message with colour, type and quantity in the post box and I can work on gathering enough to cover your needs. If you need foliage for your branches will find a small selection at the base of the trees.

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Will most definitely do that, thanks.
Still working out what I’m actually going to build…need the ideas to swirl around for a while :thinking:

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Cannot say much more than amazing. I stopped by at your place after makeover you did and it looks nice… and prices are actually rly good. This is deffo going to be my place to get some trunks and foliage

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Appreciate your comment, means a lot to me. It’s been hard work trying to keep some colours in stock while stocking the others but just to see people coming by and shopping it’s worth the time and effort put in farming the trees :smiley:

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Yeap just remember dont burn yourself.
I try not to buy you out haha

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have a building project soon, will be splitting time between the two so i dont burn myself out on stocking the shop. Some trunks still hunting for the right planet and spot to make the farming easier

Do you sell mushrooms by any chance?

atm i only stock timber trunks and foliage, i have personal collection of mushrooms though what ones and colour are you after?

Nope Summer doesn’t but I do in my 3 shops 1 on Arie in the River Towns Lake Mall The lilac tree) also my Lamblis shop( Fiestys shop) right by portals and my new blue shop next to Summers wooden shop The exo sprite :wink:

small stock of new exo trunks and foliage currently in the exo sprite. will be farming larger stock over the weekend.