Tree contest! First prize 150k, second prize 100k, third prize 50k


I’d like to see some of the tree creations out there! Trees can be of any material and on any planet. Forests count too, if you made them. You can nominate yourself or others. I’m also looking for contest judges.

Haven’t built one yet but want to participate? That’s ok, I’ll give people a few weeks to nominate and build.

To participate, post a screenshot and how to get there from a major hub of some kind :blush:

I need an Arborist's Advice!
The wood nymph/ The Exo Sprite

My wood shop consists of a pair of trees accessable via jacey’s shopping mall using THE WOOD NYMPH portal. Not the best trees by far but throwing it out there


Prime builds is the tree specialist


You mean prime18?fantasy tree owner?


I built the tree of death at the the Ultima US east hub. It’s not done yet. But it’s pretty decent.

more has been done since that picture.


Certainly not award winning but couldn’t help contributing to this thread. Just a couple of trees from the “House of Underhill Tree”. The first is based on Sochaltin 1 (497N, -1,443E (Alt 50)

() () ()

The second is on Dzassak on the edge of the market (854N, 1,009E (Alt 72)

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The one on Dzassak can be reached from the Portal Seekers Hub near the market and the one on Sochaltin can be accessed through the portal under the tree. Both still works in progress that keep getting tweaked once in a while.


Hopefully the image quality is good enough.

An iron tree, New Axe Rock, Autumn Dell City, Trior.
Can get to Autumn Dell from the Trior PS Hub
or From Mom & Pop’s shop which you can get to from tons of places
I have a player portal from Autumn Dell or just walk West a bit.
Autumn Dell downtown and portals are getting revamped at the moment, sorry for the construction.


My money tree :slight_smile: :blue_heart:

Portal is at DKs Ultima tree :slight_smile:


I love this thing!




Think we have our winner


Hahahahaha somebody give this guy a promotion


is a park eligible for the constest?

some of the trees I made for it, from closer

All in Sasquatchville, on Alder. Portal for direct access is next to the gleam section of the shop, under the hub
theres more trees in the park and there is other nice trees around town!


Parks are eligible too! Loving all this tree art


I was board last night and didn’t know what to do so i finally got around to making a portal frame :hearts:
it’s still a WIP… funny the original idea was quite simple and was in no way a tree / plant but i guess i can’t help myself lol

anyway, just stumbled onto this post and thought I’d share. Awesome trees so far everyone ^^


Some great work being shown here but loving @GreyArt247 creations…kinda inspires me to go build a tree house


Awesome work guys! Loving these trees


Thanks @catfud these are actually very rare ancient trees that originally started life in shallow caves with just a thin stream of sunlight nurturing them until eventually they out grew the cave and the hill above them eroded. They now support the hill that protected them for all those centuries. … I plan to make an actual tree house at some point on Gellis as there are some great trees there.


If I place I promise to make a decorative oort forest with gem foliage :rofl: :angel:



I’m toying with an idea to organize a giant user created forest with all kinds of trees in it for my next project. I’d pay people for each tree they “plant”, maybe 3k-20k and up per tree depending on size. Would people be interested? If even 20 people made 5 trees each we could turn a decent chunk of desert region into a forest. I bet we could fill a whole region :blush: