Tree contest! First prize 150k, second prize 100k, third prize 50k


Put me down on the list! Sounds magical. Which planet you thinking? And can I build insects and snakes and such in my trees? :smile:


Probably Eresho just because I can keep up 1x2 portals to there from Eresho and Finata pretty much indefinitely, I’ll have to do some scouting for spots (feel free to do the same :blush:)


Sweet :smiley: if I find somewhere with potential I’ll let you know

Edit: imagine if the capital was just a huuge forest :rofl:


Haha we’d have to be so big (or prestige stack so hard). It could be done though!


I wouldn’t mind joining in, although my online times can be a bit erratic.


It’d be pretty low commitment, just grab some plots and build some trees kinda thing :blush:


Sounds like just my kind of build :grin:


if you find a place today I will come grab some plots in a few hours! Not been part of a community project yet and this sounds like such an awesome idea :evergreen_tree:


Two trees to show off here, both from the “gardens” in tiny japan, the remains of little japan.

First is sort of the showpiece for the garden spot, a blue willow

Second is hidden in the garden itself and much more difficult to take pictures of, its four trees growing out of one base trunk, four colors with the ability to climb to different levels within the tree itself.

And might as well include the little mural i made in there since i doubt anyone sees the thing with how hidden it is.


Martoks tree entered


Winner winner chicken dinner!


Trees! I have one of those. Was my first build. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey it’ll take a little bit to plan but I’ll let u know when ready :blush:


Hey an opportunity to post my trusty ole tree on Xa Frant. . . not gonna pass this up!


So this is my rainbow tree! You can get to it from the PS Flan Hub by taking the N1 Portal. That will put you in my boat. You just go outside and follow the path till you find it!


Very nice work everyone, great stuff here! :slight_smile: Some of these are giving me some ideas…


I know how ya like your rainbows after all… so I made a rainbow tree!


Yep, with my tastes, yours is definitely a favorite here and is inspiring me! :wink:


The tree I built over my “Tower”. Around Sasquatchville, on Alder.


Sharing 3 different ideas, all different but sharing one idea - bringing different colors to Boori.

The beauty of small things; little tree alley:

Something bigger - bulky, multi-branch twins:

Tall and functional (tree-storage):