Tree contest! First prize 150k, second prize 100k, third prize 50k


Hi these two are in Duskmoor, just built em recently



Ghost Tree \o/

3 different views probably werent necissary but i do love how this tree came out lol XD

Btw I was looking through the entries and thinking “wow cant believe DK’s tree isnt in here” then i went backa nd looked at who the OP was rofl <3


it’s like crying willow - crying ghost willow?


Guess i drop this in here.

Located next to ultima gellis gate.


Newest tree. In my expansion of my workshop/storage area.


doesn’t belong here but since this thread was the source of my inspiration, the start of my first proper tree…a long long way to go but kinda fun so far.


I’m in to make a couple trees… Smoking a couple too. Let me know when you find a spot. Here’s a gleam tree from my buddies wizard of oz, emerald city. Located next to the Tower of Power on alder.


Your Hub tree, is the best tree in the game that I have seen… seriously awesome… and the skull inside it is like the cherry on top.

DK’s tree in Eresho is also beautiful… I give props to the people who can chisel a tree as well as these. I think trees could be the hardest thing to build really well.


Ah thanks Ginabean. I still have to finish it. There’s a bunch of smaller branches that need to be added. I just get distracted every time I see a squirrel. Lol. There’s someone who did a bunch of trees in the regen consortium that’s really good. Maybe it’s pikachu…? Primes trees are awesome. Clearly DK’s tree is awesome. Not sure if he made it though. @Aanika tree is awesome too. I’ve seen that one in person. My buddy Vanq has some nice trees too. There’s a lot of them. I think this community forest idea is great.


Its peekaboo who did regens trees. And peekaboo also made DK s tree


That’s right! Well it started with a P. So close enough. Hahaha.


Made this rainbow tree! Turned out pretty sweet.


Eek! :heart_eyes: That is perfect, gorgeous!!


indeed - I agree, it’s a sweet looking tree

@georgegroeg - u ever thought about changing name to gorgeous? u r close enough anyway :smile:


It is what I call him anyway :joy:


Bahahaha. I have now. Thanks


Oh my, you put my rainbow tree to shame. You got that lighting down so perfectly.

It’s… so beautiful!


Ha I wouldn’t say that. It’s just different. You could easily hide some gleam in the foliage of yours and get a similar effect. Might even look better with the rainbow foliage.


I did that with the white a little bit. Do you use the chiseling techniques that hide things? I’m still new at building trees and gleam hiding. I’ve got some gleambow left over so maybe I should try it though.


I did chisel the foliage to let light through. But foliage doesn’t block all the light so it’s not completely necessary. I did because I wanted it as bright as possible. It really looks best at night.