I'm Proud of being this community member

after yesterday’s forum maintenance i got notification about getting REGULAR title i earned at DEC’22 i didnt know about



only 34 forum members got this title? how its possible?


You have to maintain some activity to maintain “regular” status, too. As for the other thing …

If game account feats or something automatic is how you got that badge (Master Explorer) I don’t think I would get it even if my account qualified. I didn’t know to use my game account on the forums so when I came some months after I started the game I just created a forum account. It doesn’t have any of the game-related titles or badges :man_shrugging:

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i think i also made new forum account when i started playing, that someone in game, guild member i think told me to link my game account with forum :smiley:

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I got notification about a badge FIRST EMOJI for a post in 2017. :joy:

Also, I had 6 unread notifications from old times lol.

beat me - i have 80 unread notifications, 183 unread likes… LOL

all of them from last 6 months…

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all weird s h i t like :joy:

Im on the Forums 3-4 times everyday so seeing this was a shock lol


indeed this :smiley: im checking forums several times a day :smiley:

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