IMPORTANT: Beacon reservation abuse is officially banned!

Yeah, I have something like it, not as obvious as the above for the most part perhaps, with the plan to slowly fill it in as I go, but if I would suddenly lose all those plots without getting a chance to resolve it then I would soooo not be happy about it. And if someone would then beacon some of that area I will most certainly quit the game over it…

When are those public universe rules rental planets coming where I can give permissions who can beacon? @james
Because it would mean that some of the things I want to make I would move there.

Market and town will stay, but workshop, farm and some just for fun stuff will go to the rental…


I think it should, but a lot of players don’t see that. I’ve come across players that still have no idea they can search shop stands.


I don’t believe it has been incorporated into the new player experience. There are a lot of prompts they could add to the guy in the sanctum that explain changes and open repeatable how-to information. Give him a real purpose.

We log in, go talk to him to see if things are coming or have changed, and he has a how-to menu. Click it, and it will show you how to shop, plot, fuel beacons, all that stuff. It can be added to as things pop up.

Edit: he could even be where we access a rule book like @Goblinounours was talking about.


As far as I understand it. You can reserve large areas for future build as long as you plot everything. Trying to save plots by using the buffers as real plots it’s the wrong thing if you want to plot a 200 plot space you need to use 200 plots not just 30 + buffers.


I would never plot like this personally, but I think this rule sets a bad precedent.

Something was allowed yesterday, and no longer allowed today. People will be weary about spending their time and money on something that could be considered “against the spirit of the game” tomorrow.

Like I said, this isn’t something I’d do, but there seems to be an arbitrary rule system in place that I can foresee causing more issues in the future.

Just my thoughts.


Y’know, the Sanctum actually pales in comparison to the holiday variants.
It could be a swell idea to figure out a way to write lenghtier texts in a better way than with signs (< cough > like I already suggested with the Tablet idea < cough >) and then organize a rework of the main version of the sanctum via some kind of contest thing, and it could feature new fun things like a labyrinth below the main room, AND a room with guidelines.

Labyrinth idea

Minyi made designs for the Sanctum which indicated it could have a labyrinth.


But can this not be circumvented by using columns of 2 wide on separate beacons? and instead of leaving a gap of 4 plots one can do 2 plots, then every beacon’s ratio is 1:1…

Seems to me it can still be gamed a bit…
How will that be handled?

If we want the game to change that means changing things that were said previously, every game eventually do that and it may be a Nerf or a buff but things need to change.

Yes people will not like it but you can’t please everyone.

I do agree with everyone in this situation having enough time to fix it which seems to be the case

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God people hate the prestige and the make your empire thing and want it to be removed or changed, but when things change people start complaining with this?

So do we want things to change or not? I really feel bad for devs having to handle this situations, seems like there is just no way to fix them.

Disclaimer for most of my replies here

Me disagreeing with any of you doesn’t mean we should hate each other.
I’m assuming we are all mature enough to disagree with each other without taking it personally :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I think more thought should go into changes before they are made.

Likewise, I don’t envy their job in the slightest. I’m just pointing out my concerns. I can see this line of approach causing larger issues in the future.


I completely agree with you here.

However, I do get how abusive plotting in the webbed manner can be and I won’t deny it should have already been fixed, so this is overdue.

I utilized (exploited?) the buffers myself in a couple sections for a few weeks while trying to lay out the ground cover for my city. Even tho I was no where near other active players, it just felt wrong. Subsequently, I was able to grind out the plots I needed and plot the rest out.

What raises concerns for me - and maybe I’m just reading too far into this whole thing - but what’s next?

The last bit I put in bold almost sounds like it should have an asterisk with a “subject to change” disclaimer. Yes, I realize everything contained herein is subject to change, but being a player with big personal plans/ aspirations for my build… I can’t help but feel a tad uneasy. I’ll just keep rowing along 'til then I suppose. :upside_down_face:


Thank you. I support this official ruling.


I think the devs handle this fine. There is a strong need for these changes regarding the plots for the people that want to move forward with the game. Large part of the plot pressure on planet originates from the abuse through this mechanism.

Don’t get me wrong, I need to add a lot of plots as well as I also made use of this buffers to plot a large area.




I do believe that this may prevent abuse in the game and I support it. However I think that it would be fair to warn a player that they are in violation. Can we have some type of warning system, @james ? Last night I put my beacons under protection status because of some of the stuff going on.

I don’t think that I am in violation with my settlement, Chaos on Raxxa. And I don’t want to be. But I do have some gaps that are uneven. I’m on PS4 and I believe that my ability to see my settlement on a global scale is limited. I don’t plot aggressively but have plotted defensively to protect future building plans and autonomous settlement status. Thank you.


The concern is that people aren’t sure if they are in violation(as seen mentioned several times) and if the rules are being applied fairly, to everyone…not just singling out one player because some else doesn’t like them or what they built.

People are fine with everything until it effects them.


The buffer system was pointed out to be a bad system and shown how it could be exploited on release. I mentioned it and some players showed it to you. No one cared until the mob got angry and plots got tight on Biitula which was bound to happen anyway. Dont hate the player hate the game. Players use the tools the game gives them.

People are always happy for nerfs until it effects them directly.
Heres the thing though you have set a dangerous precedent that has gone on awhile. Either the rules apply to all or there are no rules pretty simple. You cant just create rules when the mob dictates them,and enforce rules only when theres a guild/group of forum anger.


If you need some areas filled in I can loan some of my plots out to you :blush:

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Well the update is coming that will stop people plotting when they hit an unacceptable plot count for their density.

That will help a lot with issues of new players not understanding, and may answer some questions for people with existing plot spaghetti. I don’t know if the devs plan to get aggressive manually removing plots/beacons before that but I doubt it. If the update comes and you can’t plot any more, there’s your sign.

Collaborate with some friends or guild to temporarily increase your density if you’re serious and realistic about your building plans. Scale it back if you’ve reserved thousands of plots with some vague plan about probably building out some day. Or just being anti-social.

I’m super happy to see this.


Any deadline after which beacons will be banned? I have an abusive beacon (haha) but honestly I need time to remove the plots - they are 1000+ I’d say and I barely get an hour in Boundless daily. I can remove a little every day.