IMPORTANT: Beacon reservation abuse is officially banned!

Please increase the plotting speed with the plotters, they are too sloooooooooooooow.
and also there should be a toggle for deplotter where its no need to hold to confirm deploting

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What if you are doing something like that but actually actively building within it, but just don’t currently have the plots to just plot it all and dont want someone to come wreck your build plan by plopping a plot down in a place you plan to build, and adding in plots in the buffer parts as you are going.


Does the plotter not go at the action speed of your character? I never paid attention of it changes depending on my skill sheet

It is an algorithm with fixed rules that determines whether your way of plotting is to be banned or not-banned. Pretty straightforward and transparant. It is simple that if plotting is exploited as not intended by the devs, they are free to change the rules.


So snakes aren’t allowed so if i plot a bunch of straws thats ok? :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

In all seriousness so what you’re saying is when a beacon is reported you guys come and check anyway before you take action. And once you see that it is “road/mall” plots there isn’t a problem.

One question the beacon when does it block adding a plot? When you extend past a specific radius or is it really based on.
Example 1000 reservation plots passed a solid plot zone?

Because when I extend i tend to plot with a new beacon 1 line with what i think i need and then fill in the rest. (Have GC so i tend to make beacon zones anyway.)

I disagree.


It looks like it is being stopped so I can’t reserve nearly a third of a planet with only 30k plots. The problem is they aren’t actually plotting the majority of what they are reserving but using the buffer system as a reservation multiplier. It was one of the biggest exploits brought up when buffers were being implemented.


I doubt the devs would have time to go investigate every red flag, but maybe I’m wrong.

I would be afraid of having an algorithm calculate these things, especially if there’s a specific case which wasn’t taken into account when making the algorithm. But could there be such specific case that could trigger a red flag while not actually being one?

IMO it is becoming more and more difficult to discern what is allowed and what might not be.

Which makes it harder and harder to explain the whole plotting system to new players - some of them still can’t get past the expiring beacon thing.


so i’m assuming this won’t affect anyone building big as long as you aren’t deliberately trying to exploit the system/block people in? (like what if someone wishes to plot an entire area to build a town/city etc)

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If you are using your plots to actually build, there are going to be very few cases this affects you. Maybe mall owners who have no shops or people who are trying to do very large cities with giant open areas for players if they are the only ones there.

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It would seem that anyone creating a new large hub, city, mall would trigger it if they use buffers to prevent people from plotting before they are finished setting things up.

I could also see it being set off by someone who is removing/remodeling an existing city that they own or recently took control over.

But James said they will look at each case and make a decision. I don’t know if they are only going to look at beacons that are reported, or if they will look at each case that triggered a block.


Per James

So no, If you are plotting using all plots and not trying to use the buffers to extend the area you are trying to cover then you should not have an issue.


But…the player in the screenshot used the previous rules of: plot as much as you need and use buffers to prevent players from plotting near you …and now they are in the wrong. :woman_shrugging:


appreciate the answers Kal-el and peyago :slight_smile:

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See here is where I would disagree with you. They did not use the plots to cover “as much as you need” they used the buffer zones to cover area they wanted to build on. They did not use the buffer zone to protect from someone building next to them or from absorbing them. They used them as a plot multiplier.


Its a serious problem thats only going to get worse. I can cover a third of a planet by myself with doing what is being banned here. Add in the folks who have put 3-4x the amount of time I have into this game and a few of us could reserve a planet. I’m sure some of them can almost do it themselves.


Curious if the other settlement that plotted in this manner is also being removed?

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Half of biitula seemed to be covered in this manner when I walked through it the other day.


Yup. I’m talking about the the large one that you could see from another planet…the one that is on your home planet.

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