Improved Beacon Poll with missing options

  • Things Are Fine the Way they are
  • Add Durability to the Plotting Tool
  • Add more time between beacon expiring and world regeneration.
  • Let friends be emailed if your beacons is in trouble
  • Allow a City SuperBeacon to protect it if its inside a settlement
  • Allow a Random Person to fuel the expiring beacon thus claiming it before it actually is lost?!?

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The last option is already that way. Though it is governed by the timer of regeneration already in the system. But aspiring land grabbers totally can time it right so they get everything without losing a thing.

what is meant by “add durability to the plotting tool”?

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So an AFK person cannot swing a plotting tool over and over without it breaking in there hand…


you mean… to stop a player afk that is using a bot? O_O

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Holding down your mouse button or holding a Key on your keyboard is not a bot…

But yes its to stop the exploit of a similar behavior…


I would to see email notifications. For me, not necessarily for friends.


yes me too. @Sulfurblade can you add this option? :smiley:

Sadly you can’t edit a poll after its started…

ouch :smiley: so let’s add durability to the plotting tool xD

We are still missing the option to just notify you. I still think that is the simplest and easiest option.
Edit: seems other people agree, and already brought it up. My bad :wink:

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I think the problem in first parts is nobody wants to lose any stuff they have built. the beacon system is making it hard for players that have been playing for a long time. I have so many beacons on all planets and in different cities, its a pain to refuel beacons and portals too as you have to go to each one of them. I don’t even know where all my beacons are. I have to tack them down.

like I just a day ago I refueled all the beacons that players added me to in the competitions in elyria akii, sweds, bunky and some more were about to die.

I even decreased the number of beacons I have but still, its several hours just refuel all the beacons.

What about “make plotter use players energy” - another way to stop bot-like automated clicking as mouse button held would deplete energy and stop plotting action without a chance of regenerating character’s energy.
Would stop automated plotting action faster than plotter durability (which still make sense to me anyway as it would make people craft them on regular basis rather than having just one craft session when starting a new character and then just keep going forever with the same set of plotters).

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Just so you are aware “plotting tools” already have durability on the testing server. So that option isn’t needed.

Additionally, for those concerned, the durability will not solve the problem in a short term fashion, only for those that are sitting for long times without touching it. But it is pretty easy to put a smart stack of items and just go through them one by one… basically negating the durability option in some form or fashion.

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People have played this game for over the year+ that beacons have existed and some how managed the amount of plots they have. I don’t understand why people refuse to take ownership and responsibility for their beacon and plot spam across the universe.

People that cannot manage their beacons need to just cut down on them and stop trying to own every plot everywhere in every city for every thing so they can get every coin in footfall they can because they are so worried on missing out on something.

Additional to that, you can also have a smart stack in each hand, and hold down both mouse buttons and they will alternate clicking, negating it even more… :disappointed:


I’m not worried about the footfall I don’t care if I need coin I just sell some stuff now and then for several 100k to Omni or sly but I have so many plots because iv been building together with other players and trying to keep other players builds fueld. some of them I use some I built and some they built for me. and to be fair i put all my footfall into a competition.

The thing is the system for beacons is good for a few beacons maybe 10 or 20 but then it starts to get messy. that’s just the like the PS network. and then all my buildings. you know I have over something like 5000 plots all together on all characters and that starts to become too much XD and with all the new planets it’s going to be eaven more pain to manage.

@james 2 things I beg for.

  1. from the master beacon to be able to fuel all beacons.

  2. More important to me= To be able to relocate the beacon control anywhere withing the plots already assigned to that beacon control. It is so hard to think of your build, then as it’s 50-200 plots in, you realize the control is entirely in the wrong place :scream:

also yes to durability on plotters.

You can do this already on your #2

If you are in-game i can show/explain you how to do this

I don’t personally think it is not able to be managed. I think it is works just fine for what we need right now.

If people cannot manage what they have on their own accounts, then they need to offload those plots to other people to help or have people fuel the beacons for them.

If it is a portal network, then the portal network should start to share the traffic more and instead of trying to have plots on every planet, they instead work together with other networks to cover the various planets and portal link locations. That is what good commerce and community would be about. When I ran Fire Caverns we did not try to make sure we were on every planet and instead partnered with other networks to support it. In a larger universe this is likely a smarter approach anyway.

Now, on another level, I do understand that having tons of beacons in your list can be a complete pain. I feel for that situation and don’t want it as a burden. But people choose themselves to have that many beacons. They need to decide what is most important to them.

Lastely, though, I feel we do need development time put towards Guilds so that something like portal networks could move into a guild scenario or something. That way beacon management would be handled a bit different than the way we handle individual management.

So I am not against the discussion, I just think it just needs to be in the right context and that personal beacon usage isn’t the right area.