Improved Beacon Poll with missing options

heck yes. in game now.

I can understand wanting to fuel all connected beacons from the master beacon. If the developers do this, I would expect the fuel duration to be divided equally among all the connected beacons. That would only be fair. As an example I have 10 connected beacons and put in fuel for 30 days then each beacon gets 3 days of fuel.


I do not want to minimize the effort you and others have put in to provide a resource (portal hubs, roads, etc.) that are used by most Boundless players. This has taken time and a lot of coordination and many have been very successful measured by how much your contributions get used by other players.

I can see where this does create a lot of maintenance in order to keep track of and fuel beacons. I can also see your concern that more planets could make this more difficult. However, beacons have always been a part of the game. The developers have tweaked the duration since I have been playing, but the possibility of them expiring has always been there since I started. I also do not really want to lose my builds or have someone take them and break them down for parts if I let a beacon expire. But I understood this was a risk when I built them and continues to be a risk as I expand the number of builds across multiple planets. I think we have to balance how spread out and how many beacons we can manage with the limitations set by the developers. If I decide to have 40 beacons across 10 planets, then that is a decision I made. As I stated in a prior post, I can understand fueling all connected beacons (within the same settlement) from the master control. Any more than this, breaks a primary game dynamic in my opinion.

If the developers do want to encourage cooperation, then the beacon limits do encourage people to work together more. it also can limit the ability of someone with 500 plots, to place one plot and one beacon in every settlement they can find. The maintenance and fuel costs start to make this unlikely. Maybe the 1.0 guilds will address some of the issues you have brought up.

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my option was fueling any beacon ya like whenever ya feel like it no restrictions our claiming its just making it last longer for example a dragonstatue in a town

What if someone wants to let a beacon expire? Maybe they want to recover the plots. What if someone has quit playing Boundless. Should their builds continue just because someone else (with no permissions granted) is fueling their beacons?

I do not have a good answer, but this is why allowing anyone to fuel a beacon concerns me. I do understand wanting to preserve a community asset. I just think you need to use your own plots to do it.


just add option to beacon to make fueling public :smile: then both opinions are covered

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+1 on this! … Simple but efficient!

whats up with the improved beacon poll so mine was no good?
you should name it alternative beacon poll :smile:

also the missing options are my options for standby beacon for military people etc

also my heritage idea disapeared from improved beacon poll

your last options has question marks sugesting to not choose it

also since we discussed it some more an on and off switch on beacon could let you choose to give it to regengod if y adont like strangers fueling it :smile:

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whats up with it???

all your options were a fix for a supposed problem and none of the options where there is no problem

This poll shows that the majority of people feel this is either no real problem leave things the way they are or simply add some durability too the tool…

All of your options were elaborate fix’s to what you perceive as some major problem…

definitely NOT…

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My concern is regarding how long can anyone other than the owner fuel a beacon? If someone is not playing anymore, why should their plots persist just because someone else is fueling the beacon. Again, I do understand how loosing someone else’s plots can affect a larger build, but is this not part of the game? A larger build or city is always subject to the whims of the people that own the plots. A person can always disassemble their build and you cannot do anything about that. They can remove their plots, in which case you do have the option to use your own plots to recover the area or it will regen at some point.

If I have 300 plots and someone else had a 300 plots build prior to leaving, should I be able to keep their build alive indefinitely and essentially have 600 plots without earning them? If I know someone is not going play anymore, do I have them take over my build so I recover my plots and all I have to do is keep their beacon fueled to in essence gain more plots? The developers have placed mechanisms in the game to allow people to gain plots. I feel like this is a place where there is the potential for a lot of abuse in regards to a limited resource.


I like the idea of a lot more time before the stuff just is erased… gives the owner more time to return and also allows players on an excursion to either claim it or to grab resources etc from the expiring base. ALSO maybe a marker on the map hud indicating something this was is in Unclaimed condition.

The hud option might be interesting. The “longer time” would likely be a big concern for me because it would reflect regeneration time for all resources and other things in the planet. Anything longer and we are hurt by not being able to mine, etc… Many people probably would share the same concern.

well a simple work around would be for the expired beacon to have a hidden secondary timer that will delete the protection for it and hence it would be regenerated at the next world regen time

ah sorry man to dumb for the big boy poll my bad better stop posting my solutions and opinions i see you got this covered

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It would be simpler to adjust the world regen timers, both for when regen starts and the speed with which it regenerates.

I don’t think I’d be in favour of advertising that a beacon has expired on the hud. It would devalue the exploration of builds, discovering up close that it has expired, and instead just turn it into a race to land-grab.


@Kal-El actually makes a good point. This is part of the game. It’s not a mistake. I like that the world regens, and peoples beacons die. It keeps the game fresh from the worse kind of abuse to a server like this. The plotting of a land,(whatever RL reason) never coming back to the game.Now the land is ruined.

I also think its down right crappy looking to see someone sitting on a beacon spamming, rubberbanding mouse, or running a program waiting for it to die. To me all those are the same action, with the same motive behind it, regardless the tool used.

So lets identify the real question that’s a problem. Keep in mind this is game design. It’s better than monthly server wipes or even weekly ones like in other games.

1.Players not liking the system all together? Does it really need re-designing?

2.The giant words that “Beacons are low” EVERYTIME you log on, not enough? (for God’s sake, the game isn’t responsible to hold your hand when you decide to own and fuel a beacon. It has instructions and warning already).

3.Fuel time is not long enough for those with busy lives?

4.Is there enough notice given to ALL characters on the same account, so that if your busy in game on a lengthy build or guild project, that you don’t miss a beacon notice on a ALT that is not played much?

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to me 3 and 4 are the bigger issues. What do you guys think?

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I concur with 3 and 4

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Unless you had another 300 plots to spare, you can’t take over another players 300 plots. so in this example, it’s not possible to abuse it. If you had the plots available, then it’s okay to take over or build it yourself.