Yes, yet another forge shop. But this time its different… i swear.

Not only is the signage in CAPTIALS, we’re also stocking the most INCREDIBLE forged tools and weapons in the building.

items are ranked however the hell i feel they should be…

Admirable - Tier1 to Tier3 items that will make oorts stop in their tracks to admire you. Or forging fails at stupidly cheap prices.

Formidable - Tier4&5 items that strike fear into even the mightiest of wildlife or inanimate cubes, but are not quite INCREDIBLE.

INCREDIBLE - Tier6 killers. Only the best items can be labled INCREDIBLE, with no significant defects or quirks allowed.

And to give back to the awesome forgers who came before us and inspired all this, also selling all types of forge ingredients.

Located at Dyab0lix [DBX] Village on Sorissi, with portals in:

  • Ultima HQ - Ground/green floor, under krafters entrance (sign says Dyab0lix)
  • PS hub Bitula - first floor N/W corner
  • Legendville Hub Tana VII (DBX shop and hub)
  • Gyosha Mall Portal hub (DBX shop hub)
  • And all the cool settlements on US East servers.

Awesome! You work fast

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I think you spelt INCREDIBLE wrong. :wink:

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Looks good dude! Ill roll by at some point today.

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I don’t have the cash you are no doubt charging for your items but I may still visit, even if it’s to just look at the ugly stones in your build. :+1:


I will be requiring 3x3 T4 shovels. No one likes stocking shovels. Please stock shovels, I’ll be down.

Awesome! Can’t wait to see how it’s turned out. Especially looking forward to looking at the ingredients!

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The 1 Shot T6 hammer with 1800 durability is the most expensive item, at 24,000. I did some shopping around other forge shops and i think that is cheap by comparison, especially without quirks/defects.

Things on the T1 To T5 stands range between 2 - 15k. Except forge fails which really are stupidly cheap. There is/was 15k damage fists there for 2500, cause i got a defect on the last roll and the durability sucks.

If i dont like how things turn out they will be priced accordingly, and if i do like them im still going to try keep them on the lower side of average.

Yeah am planning to do shovels/axes regularly, and not everything will be top tier .i made some nice titanium 3x3 shovels last night for a mate that are great for t1-4. Extra speed/less energy drain is great if you dont need the damage. Will cook some more for ya tonight and let you know. Probably around 5k each, maybe less depending on how the durability luck goes.

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To be honest there isnt heaps of ingredients there yet, good range but only about 10 of each. But will be adding lots more soon and trying to keep stock much higher than that.

And i have no idea how to price them so everything is around 500c each which probably isnt right, so pricing will be fluid for a little while until i can get a feel for the market

Your gold fists have been great. Thanks.

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If you want i can provide you a list of the base cost for forge compound/paste ect and you can update it as you wish.

That would actually be amazing if you have it handy.

I need some of those Admirable tools. They’ll be super handy collecting stuff on the lower tier worlds.

Besides, who can turn down something that will make oorts stop in their tracks?

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Haha… ill get a bit of a selection happening over the next few days. Guess my plans for the weekend are sorted!

Back from a nice xmas break, and adding new stock as much as possible. (Yes, axes are on their way).

Ive changed the ranking system slightly to be T1-3, T4 &5, and T6 as i think that groups them better… and i said id rank them however the hell i want.

Also, for anyone who doesnt speak forgeanese, and has no idea what “8/10DMG+720Dura+6mAttraction” actually means, ive added some simple plain language descriptions of each tool, based on my personal opinion of them. Interact with the signs for a normal human description. I will point out the flaws if i dont love them, and they will be priced accordingly. So hopefully you can trust the ones that do have positive descriptions.

Will also be doing the maths and pricing all the compounds etc properly later today… so check back soon and forge ingredients should actual be reasonable. I hope.

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And also just set up an INCREDIBLE little outlet within the DBX superstore outlet at gyosha mall. Just a taste and of course lots more in the main shop. But if your in the area and too lazy to walk through the portal ill keep a few bits and peices stocked there too.


Looking great @uni3k
I highly recommend this shop to others great prices and great owner

Don’t forget the random giveaways

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INCREDIBLE:FORGE has relocated!!!

Two plots to the west (DBX hub has expanded, you’re going to want to get in on that)

To celebrate this life changing event… the shop has undergone renovations, despite the INCREDIBLY positive feedback on the old building.

I have also been in discussions around the type of forged items people would like to see, and was told to “flood the market with adequate tools”.

I took this feedback on board… and quickly dismissed it too.

Since the great forging boom of january 2019, i have been dispointed in the cheap forgeries flooding the market. And i cant bare to witness the shame of any more people on group hunts who are forced to make embarrassing noises in public while their quirky bows fire with a mind of their own.

The art of forging is to be respected, and i for one will continue to strive for the best possible items the game can offer.

All power, no quicks or defects. (note, there is some cheap knockoffs there too).


INCREDIBLE:FORGE… When ‘good enough’, isnt good enough.