Infinite Reclaim storage - but I'm stuck


I am trying to have 1 plot for player B, surrounded on all sides by player A, both mine - except that this doesn’t seem to work. It says “beacon is reserved” and all permissions are okay. Putting a beacon on the side of player A is okay, on top - not okay.
I was planning to reclaim the plot of player B continuously so I can have all my rocks and soils in the reclaim storage - as I understand that reclaiming a beacon with an open reclaim will merge the current reclaim with the stuff in the plot.

Anyone achieved this? I don’t want to have it on the side in the forest… would have been nice to have it as part of the base.


Beacons reserve plots from mantle to world height. It’s based on the beacon, not the player. So what you’re trying to do is not possible.


That means that I can’t have a “reclaim room”, accessible by all my characters, inside my base…


You just cant have a ceiling over it.
Put it in a yard and think of it as a POD


The reclaim system is not intended to be infinite cloud storage. True, an accessed reclaim on a beacon will be added to the new reclaim if the beacon expires… however the system should prevent you from manually reclaiming the beacon to prevent abuse. About the best you can hope for is to let the beacon expire naturally to force the reclaims to merge, but gleam club interferes with that and without GC the beacon would take a month or two to expire.

It’s not 100% clear what your intent is… you could set up an access plot for processing / creating individual reclaims… but you would have to empty one before accessing the next… and you have the above problem if your aim is to consolidate many reclaims into one.


Thanks everyone for the replies! I am aiming of having only 1 beacon under reclaim where I would sporadically add chests filled with stone - then reclaim so the stone is merged with the active reclaim.
I am not aiming for multiple beacon reclaim or anything like that.
I just find it more of a sane way to store and sort hundreds of thousands of rocks, soils, gravel and sand. Using chests for these is a mess.


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Yea the consolidation part sucks. I have like 30 reclaims and most of them are big. So now I gotta pull everything out of each one throw everything randomly into chests and reclaim that just so it all together and I can sort thru it all properly


I had a beacon next to another beacon I wanted to reclaim it would say reclaim unavailable, but then I just changed the settlement name to 1 for the one I wanted to reclaim and it worked fine. Try changing your settlement name on the beacon before reclaiming and also unalign it if it is aligned to a guild.

I also didn’t go to the reclaim tab, I instead went to the options tab and scrolled down to reclaim and did it there.

I don’t think this works the way you’re expecting it to…

Is this a known reclaim glitch or something?

If you want multiple batches “merged” into a single “active reclaim” you will have to empty the existing reclaim, each time, and then reclaim everything.

Yea I’ve never seen a way to “merge” already existing reclaims. Never seen a way to initiate a beacon into an existing reclaim either.

This is that point in the a game where the players are doing something with a mechanic and everyone is like “you shouldn’t be doing that its not intended for that” and no one realizes its a symptom of a larger problem.

The sorting for inventory in this game poorly implemented to the point that it is basically non existant, you have to make smart stacks of blocks and fill up the other 8 slots with the same item/color if you want to prevent stuff from merging into the stack.

then when moving smart stacks they dont stay in smart stacks.

honestly this is what i plan on doing, having one plot where i reclaim everything to with rows of chests for all the long term storage stuff, sure i cant reclaim more than 1 plot at a time… on 1 character but thankfully i have alts to pack all my stuff into.


You can reclaim multiple beacons but unfortunately the reclaims won’t merge with each other. It designed to keep it from being abused. You will still have to reclaim each beacon reclaim one at a time.

Doesn’t work …
I thought you can combine them but it does not seem the case.


I think someone said that if it’s on a sovereign you own, you can force the reclaim as sov owner, but I haven’t tried it.

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Merging reclaims works - you can only do it every 4 weeks upon natural expiration.
I am building a small “reclaim shed” with lots of chests, which will merge itself every month :slight_smile: Not bad.


You’re completely right. The fact that people are looking for ways to circumvent mechanics is the issue.

I am going through this now. Nearly all my beacons expired and reclaimed. I have 10 ps4 characters and my storage was a hot mess, to say the least. Now i’m playing on pc, so i have now spent HOURS just moving my stuff to a main storage. Now I have a huge DUMP. LOL Trying to find things I need is nearly impossible because there is zero rhyme or reason to what is now in the dump. It would be really nice if we could do an auto-sort function. Or even if the storage allowed for a “holding spot” so you can quick stack things back into a storage chest in the same place it had been.

Back to building!


Dump your stuff then reclaim the dump.


that’s what i’m planning on doing. I just dont want to do that until i get my new storage built… or am i doing it wrong? which is 1000% a real possibility! :smiley: I never really reclaimed anything until now.

Build your storage first Haha I made the mistake of not building storage and now I’m still living out of reclaim… You got this Haha.

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