Interstellar Storage

So I had an idea for a suggestion that I think would be really cool and would like to flush out with community - interstellar storage blocks.

Purpose: Interstellar storage can link to some existing storage you have somewhere else and allow you to interface with it remotely (viewing/placing/taking). This would be great for when you have items in all sorts of places, enabling you to move quicker between two locations, or even sort your items from 1 place instead of running around to different storage blocks

Materials: Storage unit (either shelves or blocks) + Oort shards + anything else the devs feel are fluffy (opal maybe?) I don’t think you would need oort to run it like portals, but I think it makes sense to have it as a crafting ingredient.

Usage: You would go to some existing storage and have the ability to create to create a token to mark the set of storage you are viewing. Or maybe create some sort of storage label/location. You can then load the token or location into a series of interstellar storage blocks that match the configuration you have (much like portals).

Alternatively - Interstellar storage can only talk to interstellar storage, like portal blocks. This really limits their functionality and I feel may result in folks not wanting to use regular storage as much, but still a limitation that is an option. I think having the ability to create storage labels from existing storage would be much better - you could have like a sorting station with some of the interstellar storage, and load up different sets of labels to sort your stuff, or grab things from other planets. In order to be fluid, this would need to be some sort of drop down list or something while viewing the interstellar blocks, so as not to continually have to load/reload tokens/labels.

Thoughts from folks - maybe ways to make it even better?



I finally finished gettin all my machines to 1500+ power last night and now I want to branch out and build on other planets. Main thing slowing me down is the fact I dont have shared storage lol. I know i could open up a portal, which I probably will at some point, but this would definitely help

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I am against this mostly because of how shops work in this game. It allows shopkeeps to move items around far too fast which would allow them to control prices more easily.

Not sure I understand your concern. I am not proposing direct connection to shop stands. I was thinking like connection to your home vault, etc.

It could work, but I’d say it would only be placeable in owned beacons of a certain prestige or higher, like 50k (or some other random made up number), otherwise you could use it as extended storage whilst hunting/mining/gathering.

Good point - I think this also may be an argument in favor of some sort of oort cost on an as-use basis.

Maybe like you have to pay the opening cost of the portal everytime you lay down new blocks, but if you have it open and connected, you may not?

Shopkeeps would only need to keep resources in one storage chest. They could then build shops all over the place, man the shops with alts, and easily move bulk items between the shops or swiftly change prices.

Actually, thinking about it more, gatherers could take advantage of it too. Place gatherers in all the hotspots on different planets and wall yourself in with one of these Interstellar Storages. Then switching between hotspots and farming is simply a matter of swapping characters and instantly being where you need to be.

Could work if it was limited. Maybe just a single storage cube. (Four smart stacks)