Intra-Beacon Portals

The ability to operate intra-beacon portals for either free or significantly reduced cost would super great quality of life change. One could argue it would align with your compactness desire as it would make vertical building more attractive.


This is very true ! As my domain expand, I notice I have quite a few portals to different parts to travel faster and it is beginning to be bothersome to always fuel them. If local portals worked like OP posted, I would use them more for sure and it would make sense to have them be free IMO.


I love this idea. If there’s a mechanism allowing vertical travel easier, it would encourage people to build high. It certainly would support the new (yet introduced) compactness rules.

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I agree. I had the same thought last night - any portals that are in the same vertical plot (plot, not beacon) should be free.

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I’d be ok with the home beacon as well, you can wrap to it for free and change skill pages at will

I think this sounds interesting idea to award players who have good compact score under same beacon :slight_smile:

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I once came upon a players build that had exactly this and I thought it was a great idea! I always wanted to incorporate something like this but, as you said, the cost is too much.

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It would be a great option to have.
Not only for vertical travel but horizontal to, like fast travel portals…

Like to section every thing with beacons but if it means people can shorten the walking distance to get from A to B and not to much cost for the owner of a build. Would be profitable to make use of such a network.

But this might be to big of a hassle to put in to portal conduits.
And maybe easier if a new conduit block wass added.

For example “City Conduit”.
Have a travel distance of 100-200m (may be more or less) and you can fuel it with Compact soft, medium or hard Coal or something like that.

Bigger settlements like city’s and malls would benefit the most of such networks.

(Just thinking :wink:)

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I thought about that but I wasn’t sure how they would feel about that. Portal were designed to move you quickly across vast distances. That is their main benefit. However if the distance is super small with altitude changes I was hoping they might make something possible.

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The game rewards horizontal building. Multiple floors are a pain.

They should add elevators/free updown portals if they want to encourage compactness. I think a lot of people would build taller shops and homes if this were a thing.

Also mesh limit is an issue when building vertically.


I’ve been thinking about @Ovis ’ latest invention.

That creation allow players to get teleported instantly upwards.

When i was farming sand or soil, sometimes i don’t get teleported above the regened area but instead to the side.

@Nightstar explained this mechanic is a symptom of error resolution. So perhaps there already is a mechanism for instant teleportation over short distance.

If that is true, perhaps we could have a craftable block (similar to portal conduit) which would allow teleportation triggered simply by stepping on it. Similar to how portal works, we could add token to tell where we would get teleported.

This certainly would make building vertically more appealing

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Interesting, I made one and it always sends me to the highest block above the point. I tested this out to build height and sure enough it always put me on the highest block. While this is neat it doesn’t allow intra-building portals and I have two very tall buildings I was hoping to be able to setup floor portals to.

You can see in ovis’ first video about the bumper i believe , when he tries to use the warp conduits in a cave and the hole is not very deep, he gets pushed out to the side. This happens to me in some farms as well.

I know in a regen situation it matters where you stand when the bomb goes off, as the blocks seem to regenerate from the outside to the center. It might be interesting to try and recreate this with spark links or some other tool.

It’s possible you could get teleported into “The next cave over” but I suspect that after checking a very small radius the system just sends you up. It seems to be using some different checking than, for instance, portal opening into an obstructed area.

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Thanks for confirming the possibility of it could happen is not zero. It happened very rarely that i started to have doubt whether i really happened or not hehehe

this kinda goes back to the whole Beacon fuel requirements should be based on distance and not size. at at least a combination of distance and size.