Introduce yourselves here, new players (or new to forums)!

I’ve always thought it weird that the forums don’t have an “introduce yourself” thread. So, now they do! Introduce yourself here, new friends!

Some ideas for things to include:
Character name(s)
Home planet
How to get to your base
Questions you have about boundless


Welcome to the little ones :hatching_chick::hatched_chick::baby_chick: !!!


Well I am not new but I will kick off then I guess :slight_smile:

Brainless is my Character
Home planet is Dzassak
Not near a hub so is a bit of a walk -469N, -5E

Am a solo builder and enjoying the game very much


Hello, I’m Ovis and I’m new to the game.

I like to build technical stuff (as technical as Boundless currently allows) and plan to build Hogwarts on my Sovereign Planet.

And I make YouTube videos every now and then :slight_smile:

And as I said, I’m very new :+1:


Hi i am EdWe and I am new to the forum.

I am settled in Sunken City, Niia Zed Ka and I like to use @Ovis technical stuff


Hello I’m Lancelotz, I was a new player at one point :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am located on tana on a city called Stars Hollow United.


Not sure this is gonna work the way you want dk. Webbwulf character trying to get back in the game. Psn webbwulf willing to setup chat group for party chat


Hello, I am whitelet and I am new to the game. I like to craft and attempt to forge stuff as it seems to be a lot of fun. Home planet is Maryx, and my base is around 1800N, 110E. :slight_smile:

I am very new and enjoying the game and the community!


Heya! I’m DJDancecraft.

I was new at some point. Joined feb 2019.

My base is on trior, called “gleambowdia”
I like to grapple around planets. Infact, I have grappled around all 50 public worlds. Lots of work to discover all 2,500 regions

I also lead hunts! I post them on the discord venari bot, so keep your eyes peeled!


You don’t want me there, I’ll be too tempted to warn you that I have the high ground.







I am Beth

I have been called some of these things;

  1. Zealous
  2. Salty
  3. Loco

I lead hunts, they have been called the following things;

  1. Great hunt
  2. Lots of fun
  3. Nice

I am Bethlehem.


I am Paka… I can often be found wandering the worlds, and taking and posting/tweeting lots and lots of screenshots. :grin:

My main bases are on Raxxa, Gyosha, and Alcyon. They have lots of rainbow motifs and lots of pink. I’m not a good builder, but trying to learn!

I’m very silly and over-the-top, but if you can get past any annoyance with my antics, I’ll always try to help if asked, just give a shout if ever in need, I’ll do what I can! :smiley:



Rebosi in game, Played for a while on PS4 at launch and was based in Anvil with Forgemasters, RL led me to leave gaming for a while so gave everything away and left the platform.
Although i have been in the xbox wilderness for 2 years, often looked back at this game.
Next month ill be lining up for a PS5 and this will be the first game i download :crazy_face:

So not technically back yet, but it wont be long, currently watching Ovis/Semtex/Jiivita videos on repeat :rofl:
Looking forward to digging some very large holes, ill be starting from scratch but with some knowledge and high level straight out of the box, should be a quick start


I’m Nezhno. I played back in 2018 and took a break from the game throughout most of 2019 and some of 2020. I came back a few months ago. I play on PS4 (Tempestasis). I enjoy building and learning more about the game. I find that this community is really awesome and helpful. It makes the game even better. While I still have a lot to learn, I am happy to help when I can!

Characters: Nezhador, Nezhno
Home: Melancholia (Sovereign Tier 4 Lush Planet)


I am aodyn both here and in game. My base is Underhold located on the world Arcadia. You can get there from my shop Hidden Treasure at Dk Mall. I’ve been playing since March 2020.


I’m Rydralain. My wife RoseHart and I have our home base, Serenity Lodge, on Raxxa(via TNT, though there isn’t anything notable there but a cabin) , and have been setting things up for farming on our sovereign Chromis I.

We also run Serenity Market at DK mall, which currently mostly has sovereign gleam chests, but I would like to expand our inventory to include a selection of marble and brick.


Hi, I’m Mallow. I started playing in July and still consider myself “new” even though I have over 1000 hours in game. Many of those hours are standing in my workshop trying to remember what it was I was going to do. :laughing: I play with my husband and we share a workshop (shoutout to the couples who play together and haven’t murdered one another yet) on Trior called Groddle (S5 portal from PS Trior if you want to visit). We’ll be moving soon to my sovereign, Lorem Ipsum.

This game has done wonders for my anxiety, and now it’s helping me regain my creative mojo.


@Mallow - my significant other and I are building a workshop together to share. We haven’t killed each other yet, but there has been a lot of compromise and calming breathing. It definitely takes good communication to merge two visions into one!