Invisible death zone during hunt

A while back, on a hunt on Shedu Tier we were experiencing a bunch of random deaths out of nowhere, near a small shallow hole in one of the ice biomes (shaped like a heart, ironically). Before it started happening, I remember wildstock were being killed near it and the corpses bouncing around inside it. I didn’t start recording soon enough, but this is how it looked:

My suspicion was that the Wildstock dying while bouncing around in the hole was causing some kind of issue, since the damage inflicted in the “death zone” afterwards came with the same knockback you would expect from Wildstock. That was on the 19th of June.

Fast forward to now, it started happening again on a hunt earlier and the circumstances seem to be the same!

  • Elite Wildstock die near or inside of a small 1-block deep hole made of ice (while charging?)
  • Players coming near the hole receive damage and knockback from no visible source
  • Death zone stops after a few minutes (possibly how long the corpse remains server-side?)

This time I started recording as soon as it started happening, so you can see for yourselves:

I submitted the game logs (near the end of the video).

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Do you have the approximate coordinates of where this occurs, or does the location vary?

The two locations it happened at so far are different ones, the latest one I submitted the logs at, which I assumed includes the location. I can try and find the exact coordinates if it helps, since I know the regions they were in from the recordings. One was Southwest of Collis Hönigsbaum and the recent one South of Palus Renou.

I noticed it stopped once the meteor had ended. Maybe it’ll happen again tonight on shedu. We have the hunt in 2 hours. By the way it’s Bob.