Is Boundless boring you. Possible solutions?

As we went completely off topic in another thread, thought I would make another one. Let’s keep this civil please.

My thoughts on Boundless and the open-endedness of sandboxes is the game is what you make it. Sandboxes allow you to do anything and everything you want (confined only to the game.limits).

Any game over time can become stale when you play it for years and have reached the endgame or it becomes a grind. It is sadly the nature of gaming. You can however take a new approach to the game and/or start over from scratch or many other ideas to keep the game fun if it has become boring for you.

With that said, is Boundless boring to you, if so why?

Do you feel a content update would solve this? If so for how long?

What do you do to keep the game interesting?

What could make the game more appealing for you and bring you back playing and or/keep you playing?

Try and keep it to constructive criticism please.


Boundless is definitely not boring to me - I find the loop of gathering/mining/hunting then selling very relaxing and addictive. :smiley:

That said, on the building front, I will admit I’ve been pulled into another game with that. Here are the features that hooked me most, that if put into Boundless I could see addicting me all the more and keep me building here:

More furnishings. Make houses more like homes. I’m not as great with the outside design but love decorating interiors.

Blueprints. This is HUGE. The combo of a blueprint and auto-build feature allows those like me who aren’t great builders (and I also admit I don’t have the patience for really long building sessions, though I can mine and hunt pretty endlessly) to quickly put stuff up, then edit as we see fit. I think this would also provide a nice economic niche for the pure building types.

Aside from the building stuff, random treasure chests… something like this can encourage exploration, a very addictive feature for me, looking around to find random caches of loot. And more types of loot to find, things that can be displayed and such.


The devs have a thread specifically for feedback like what made you bored, rage quit, etc. It’s good to not splinter it into new threads, if possible, so that it’s easier for them to monitor the feedback.