Is boundless sustainable long-term?


I’m sure it’s crossed the minds of others before but what is the long term sustainability of boundless?

We all know that dedicated servers are not cheap to run and that staff at “boundless HQ” need paying,
lately it feels as if most planets are empty, currently on Eresho there’s 2 players, statistics from PC players on Steam show an average of about 250 peak players per month, unless console players are significantly higher I can’t see how this is financially viable, would be great to see some live player stats…

Is it only a matter of time before the games pushed to Player run servers?

Can we perhaps get another free weekend to pull in the crowds?


NPE would need more tweaking in order for another free weekend to be successful. More of the bugs should be hammered out too. Among plenty of other things.


Since I have already stated how I feel about free weekends in the past, I will link to that post


I think big releases similar to farming that adds gameplay draw will increase the player base more effectively. Just need more to do. :slight_smile:


I believe farming won’t draw in anyone to be honest…It’s to inconsistent and takes alot of effort. Plus if your new it really is a process to get everything needed…this topic is a interesting one. I do quite often think to myself how they are making money on this game…there’s no marketing the shop is terrible for money making…But I guess they are making money off other games to carry this one…But I am sure the game won’t disappear. Maybe get rid of some of the real grindy things and implement a awesome shop…But hey I love the game I am not quiting anytime soon.


I honestly wish they add more to the cash shop so I can give them more money. I want to support one of my favorite games the best I can for all the hours I get from it.


I’m a new player and was thinking the same. I don’t want to invest hundreds of hours for the game to just disappear. I think some cosmetics in the shop would be awesome and I’d happily buy some to support the game. Another idea would be cosmetic blueprints for things in our builds, wall paintings, more furniture etc. I also think the game could be marketed better. I only found out about the game through the NMS community as we seem to have some crossover as the games have similar gameplay. Do the devs have a roadmap for the future of the game? As you say with such a small player base, unless changes are made I fear the game may not get supported in the long term. However I am also aware that most of wonderstucks income actually comes from the turbulenz engine, and as this is their primary source of income, maybe they can afford to keep supporting the game as long as the engine is doing well?


Is boundless sustainable long-term?


I was one of those who took up the free-weekend, i now have over 990 hours on record… New player experience is what you make it :slight_smile:


Thats nice, but it doesn’t change the fact that from my observations, the NPE is extremely lacking for players who do not have the self motivation or many traits of persistence as mentioned in my other post. and therefore the NPE needs improvements to better assist such players.

The fact you seem to have been playing about 5 hours each day, based off of your own statement, kind of means you are not the type of player that would be impacted by a bad NPE


I’m much the same. It was a little spartan, but it gave enough of a start that I was able to figure things out on that free weekend. A couple months later, when I had the money, I picked up a copy of the game for myself and my boyfriend. He doesn’t play so much, but I play almost daily, when life doesn’t get in the way. :slight_smile:


The main issue I can see for sustainability is the NPE needing to be streamlined further, to retain new players better.

Plus, with crafting times like they are in this game, we’d need a free week to get somewhere decent in the allotted time. :rofl:

I jest, but the game really does need to introduce itself better to the player with zero advance knowledge.


What’s @vdragon or the other devs thoughts on this. What are your plans for the future of the game?


This was something i covered a while ago, and honestly the maths doesnt work.

If you consider the income from even 1000 active players paying GC that would barely cover one salary of a dev in the uk.

I just play for the now, but do think that investing a lot of time might be a bad idea. Thats the reason i am pushing for QoL changes too. It takes 20mins to repair machines atm, and with limited time i would mich prefer to do what the game intended BUILD


I have asked many, many times about this and QoL changes. Never ever got a reply


That’s why I think the money from the engine is how they continue to support the game. Let’s hope that doesn’t dry up.


Sounds reasonable, maybe Boundless is a loved side project and the company focuses on selling the engine. (Which is why we get to experience the new stuff, like the lighting as a test group lol).
Nah, they wont anwser that, would not be wise from a sellers standpoint, give a positive, people will be demaning, do this do that. Give a negative people will be like wtf, blah blah.

I personally do not need any confirmation, I got my moneys worth out of the game a long time ago ^^ and if Wonderstruck needs some cash they can sell us cosmetics for real money and we ll throw it their way lol


I’ve just started playing so I hope we get another couple of years at the least.


They just released a major feature update, its funny how people get all frustrated, doubting, insecure etc, when they just got fed something amazing.

There is one thing though I would like everyone to understand, a game can thrive or break from its community. It’s that thing about the self fullfiling prophecy. A positive community will attract positive response from the surroundings a negative community will attract a negative response from the surroundings. I guess you understand where I am going with this~

Love the game, wish it many succesfull years to come :3


Not just got worried or frustrated. Been that way for a while. Problem with the new content is that it is often pushed in to the game while anything broken e…g coil mechanics just get ignored