Is boundless sustainable long-term?


Not from my perspective, but ofc that is a debatable opinion.

I think what really happend is that people started complaining at some point feeling entitled to this or that and do not have a good understanding of how game development works in the long run.

Feel free to flame, I am out of this thread. o/


Dont see a need to flame. Opinions are exactly that, your view and perspective. I love a lot of the content, but my real annoyance is doing something pointless that prevents me doing the new things. E.g. manually repairing a coil at a time for 20mins when i could be on an exo, or building more of my workshop (which is why i need to repair :frowning:)

If it was a new issue i can understand it takes time, if it cant be fixed, oh well i will have to accept that. Instead it just gets utterly blanked and has been for nearly a year.

That just boggles my mind.


How many machines of each type do you have?

edit: get a forged gem spanner with maxed wear remove boon, drink a fast brew, hold down the button. You may be surprised.


They can make pants a cosmetic shop item since so many people want them.

That will keep them floating for 2 years I think lol.

They can also make miscellaneous things cosmetic too which could be cool for your guy/gal to wear.

Like astronaut Helmut, armor Helmut, bracers on the arms, armor for legs, chest armor, farm hat, glowing clothing embroidered with gleam fibers. Etc.



Also if they let us have pets or mounts they could sell clothing for them too


20-40 of most types. Have a spanner and do that, just run out of energy a lot (pie for that- but then i eat spanners through wear) there are workarounds and ways to minimise, but surely they could have just fixed the mechanic as most people are unhappy with it, rather than invest the dev time in the guild buff


20-40 of each machine? With 24 coils on each? No wonder it takes you so long that’s a lot of coils!! I feel your pain more now i know that haha. I was thinking it surely cant take you 20 minutes… But i get it now!

You use them all consistantly? Madness


Ok, I got nothing to add at this point :3
Only that if you want to run a factory you should consider hiring some employees~


I’ve been around the block a few times, so I look at my time like this - they are still providing content and ideas on the future of where the game is going to go. Large parties invested in the game so they saw something worth investing in… Due to this I would just build, enjoy, screenshot/video what you do (for memories) and have fun. If you are concerned about money then only invest what you are comfortable with spending… otherwise enjoy the game. It is a beautiful game and can be fun so no matter whether it is here 3 years from now or not - you can have a good time and make friends and stretch your creativity, etc. That is well spent time no matter what happens!


Personally I feel like for a game as economically based as this one is there is a serious lack of people to drive it. I don’t personally have a shop but I would imagine it is hard to get business at least for low level stuff.


Sadly yes i do lol. Running a brick and marble shop is very machine heavy (especially essence) and just to really punish myself im starting the process of moving a 2500 plot build…with the new one having a totally different style, so more bricks there


I was wondering how many they too. I use titanium spanner and doesn’t take me but a few minutes to repair. Though I do tend to check them while I am waiting on something.


Wow!! I barely managed to get the coils for one set of machines. Sounds like you need to hire a coil repair person. LOL


Or they could fix the aoe spanners that have been broken since launch


I’m in the same boat except I do everything for personal use, not shop use. I tend to flood request baskets with my excess ores and gems though instead of setting up a shop as I hate having the onus on myself to supply the goods. I like to be able to just go sell when I feel like it. I have 20 work benches with 12 coils each, 10 compactors, with 12 coils each. 20 refineries with 12 coils each. 20 mixers 12 coils each. 20 extractors 12 coils each.

The way I deal with it is just set an hour every few days to repair them all. It sucks but that’s how ive learned to manage the wear/tear cycle of running a personal, 1 man factory.

The plus side is I dont have to do it. If I’m ever tired of it I just dont do it for a few days. Quit crafting. Everything. I just go and mine for a few days, stock up eve more resources, then repair/farm/craft again.

That’s why I enjoy Boundless. I enjoy doing a little bit of everything, but running a shop makes me feel like have to always be on to maintain things. I absolutely hate that aspect. Which is why I once a week or so will just run around and dump mats in to request baskets that I have bookmarked over the last year.


That an offer? :slight_smile:


This…or ANY improvement. Any of the dozens of suggestions to link them to machine wear, repair bombs, aoe spanners etc etc.

Just make it easier!!

Anyway, enough off topic hijacking lol. Been asking for months, clearly nobody is listening in dev teams


NVM I’m done and just giving up posting


Throwing out fictitious numbers & assumptions is not constructive :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
You don’t work there and aren’t privy to this info. None of us are.

Also…Steam looks fine now, has for awhile:


Well said ^ _ ^ b