Is diamond still abundant on serpen?


I remember months ago that it tanked so has it been revamped?


None of the percentages have been adjusted that I’m aware of. Maluariakrib(probably spelt wrong plenty of people refer to it as McRib) has the best amount of diamond.


thank you very much


From the oven hot spreadsheet, Planet resources complete spreadsheet


Really Serp is slightly better? Hmm guess all those good hotspots there are blocked off. I’ve never had a good time getting diamonds there.

@Mayumichi shedu is spelt wrong in that screen shot. Unless I’m wrong and it is an r lol not in game to check


The sheet counts all existing diamond seams in the world at a point in time (12h ago), walled off hotspots would hence be visible in the data. Afaik beaconed resources are also counted, at least they show up on the atlas, right? There’s also the drop rate difference so Malu is objectively still better.

edit: Fixed the spelling error in the spreadsheet


thank you for this really a huge help


Since I do most of my mining for diamonds and hard coal, I’ve mine both and from what I’ve seen, I consider it a wash on which is better/faster.

Malu does seem to be much thicker on them in the hotspots (larger seams from what I’ve seen), and I’m currently mining more there while learning it’s spots a bit better, but there are two issues that slow you down. The first is pretty minor: more lava to work around, from what I’ve seen. The big one is that people have blocked off HUGE good areas with plots. Yes, I know it is allowed but it still is annoying. This used to be the case on Serp, but they seem to have relocated to Malu or elsewhere, so the best spots now seem mostly open. Also, some of the hotspots are very large (that might be why Serp has more overall) so you can mindlessly and quickly smash through and do quite well. Serp also gets you a good bit of Copper, which usually sells easily.