Is it supposed to be "that" dark ingame

Hello fellow Oortians,

Just a quick question (and probably a suggestion…). While playing I kept getting the feeling that the nights are a bit too dark. Is it supposed to be that dark or will it be changed in the near future? Also in rooms with spare light I almost cant see without making a torch or lamp… kinda getting annoying when you “tunnel visioning” while working on your basement for example :smiley: I would like to see either a bit brighter night or brighter lamps torches.

hope this topic hasnt been discussed yet.

thanks in advance for your response!

-Porxanas aka Idrah (Twitch stream name)



Yes, the lightning is a topic that was discussed before. Since the texture update a while ago many players think that it got to dark ingame. Especially light sources like lamps are also to dark sometimes. The devs already said that they will have a look on lightning overall. Just keep in mind that it’s still not even an alpha and things will become more balanced later :wink:


A place without light should be dark. i hope that they dont put it up much.

that was something cubeworld did right. night time was night nothing else.

i cant comment on the amount of light torches gives though, they might make some better, but for the actual game, outside night should be very dark, and room without any light sources should be pitch black.

EDIT: Please explain why you think the nights are too dark, i know it might be personal preference but it is quite bright for me :smile:

im not sure if its the graphic options, but there are loads fo light for me at night.

Thank you for your response :smile:

It wasn’t a concern until I started to work on my building (e.g. basement) without a lightsource or just few …(well who works under those circumstances?).

I fully agree with you about the darkness without any lightsources. However, I didn’t expect it to be that much dark while building my base. It just felt a bit annoying for having to put a torch every 2 blocks. Maybe the problem is more with the range and strength of light itself…


thank you for your response :smile:

Yea I thought so…I guess theyr’re gonna adjust it soon enough

Yeah as i said i cant comment on light sources, if anything they might increase the range abit, as long as it is logical.

i dont know anything about programming but i assume that it would be tricky to make light in a room without a dedicated light source, and to me it would also seem a bit odd tbh.

have you considered getting gleam blocks? they might make more light than a normal torch? i dont know tbh, just a thought.

Im starting to think that the lightsources are a bit weak…idk I clear 1 or 2 rows of blocks and need a new lightsource right away. all 2-3 blocks i place a new torch or else I won’t see much (maybe Im the problem? :open_mouth: )

Yeah, the torches are quit low glowing instead of illuminating. To have to put a touch each 8 to 10 blocks would be OK, but in the moment they are quite dark. It seems that a touch in the hand is brighter then one placed on the wall ^^

I also think that abstinence of light has to be total darkness. On the surface there may be a moon or stars, but below the earth it is just deep darkness. Hope we have glowing tools and/or helmets in the future :wink:

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oh really?

i tested it cause i was curious. i think they make quite a bit of light, even for what is logical.

but i think it is not that they doesnt make light, but rather that they are not like blinding flashlight and are like actual flame light instead no?

i think they are fine, but im not gonna be a main builder so its not up for me to say too much on. i just hope it will stay realistic to a certain degree, cause even this much light is quite much for a normal torch :smiley:

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Yea and now turn around and start making your basement bigger :wink:

Idk imo it gets annoying from time to time when you make something bigger underground ^^

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@Zouls I don’t know what the difference is between our settings or systems or w/e, but torches barely light up 3x3 areas for me and it’s pitch black during night on every world I’ve visited so far. There’s definitely some difference between your experience and the OPs experience.

maybe. i run on almost max, so it might be render distance? i dunno.

for light this is a good picture

this is a real torch 1 block in the game is 1 meter in real life, so the shine is starting to fade at 5 meters radius, which seems pretty fair to me.

i dunno. might just be a difference on what you expect, i can definately see it be frustrating for bigger areas, but i also dont think they should become this miracle lightsource that will shine with the light of a thousand suns.

me might need some lamps with more light, that would make sense. but torches for me is basically atmospheric, they should be used in caves and hidden cellars to make a semi creepy light. so again it is most likely just different definitions on what a torch should be used to :slight_smile:


here are the settings

can you try for refence to send a pic of your settings (all of you) and make a small 10 x 10 room as i did with everything enclosed in stone and no light, and then place a torch?

it might be different on different specs or setting, which would definately change the experience.

Imagine I start from the stairs and make my way around till I get my basement done. At the beginning it would look like this with 4 torches:

Now the end of one side with a torch placed on it would look like this:

Idk till I got to one side I had to use for eachl 1-2 rows of blocks a new lightsource… :frowning:

Here are my settings:

Yeah i know what you mean if you look at my speed builds you can see it is really dark until you group 2+ light sources right next to each other

It makes sense to me, i can agree that we might need some brigher light sources. but for torches this is more than enough.

you also need to remember that you can carry torches in your hand so it is a bit tricky. if you make it ‘‘build based’’ then you have waaay too much light when walking around with it (you would basically have a huge light bubble around you, not very discrete when you walk in the night tbh) or you have like now where they are based on being logical and handheld.

so i can ask this. the complaint is not as much that the torches doesnt shine enough, but rather that this is the best lightsource we have atm which is why it is a problem for builders, yeah?

In short form: Yes!

fair enough. that argument i can live with :smile:

F12 is the button on my computer that turns wifi off and on. Is there a way to change it to a different button in steam?

And my biggest complaint is internal lighting in builds. Perhaps if lamps or gleam gave off more light than torches, life would be easier. Or if you could make “Powered” gleam or lamps somehow. I agree that they shouldn’t become miniature suns, but I also don’t think I should need to place torches every two blocks along the walls to make a room visible. Or maybe devs should make sure lighting between settings is equalized, because my settings are much lower than yours and the lighting is awful.

i dont think it is that easy… as far as i know lighting are a sort of particles no? there was an option called per pixel lighting, which might change alot. i dunno, would definately be nice, but it might be the same as saying that everybody should have same renderdistance for land no matter the specs.

@ben @james can you give some thoughts? cause i have no clue. maybe make a chandelier which is 4 torches put together hanging from the ceiling?

The lighting balance is definitely something we’ll be addressing soon. We’ve been adding, tweaking and changing various visual things, so we’ll be revisiting it :lester: