Is the Bonus Consumables Helix worth it?

AudreyTT and I have a guild together and we’re wondering if this helix is worth it as a third guild helix. If we understand correctly, with this buff we have a chance to get additional bonus items when crafting consumables. If this is right, do you think it is a worthy buff ? Is the cost of running the helix worth it compared to the bonus ? We have not run the helix yet so this is more to see if it is worth it to craft one and run it for the next few weeks.

Would like to know also will do rank 3 if it all works

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In general, lvl 3 anything is not worth it…

Recommend saving up and only crafting 1 week per month if you do go with it…?

How much is it to run per week ?

Improved Greater Mega
Endeavour 700 1 400 3 600
Coins 15 000 40 000 160 000
Power 0 200 800

Idk can you make coins with this if you get higher chance to get food and brews to mint :smiley:

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Thanks a lot ! It’s way more expensive than I thought. We’ll pass on this one.

Looks like this:

  • 40k and ~3 character-weeks of endeavour for 10% chance of bonus

  • 160k and ~7 character-weeks of endeavour for 15% chance of bonus

If I remember what @AeneaGames told me correctly the results are not consistent which is why I emphasize chance of in the descriptions above.

Even if you are maxing the RNG on every batch it’s going to take a lot of 2.5 pie bonuses for that extra 120k coins and 4 weeks worth of endeavour to pay off.


ive try it last week… but i have to collect stuff over weeks… if your fit in math you have to calculate how much you have to craft to get the 160k back from 15 %bonus… sometimes theres only 8%…its no garant… so better calculate with 10%bonus…and craft only the expensive stuff. dont waste that boost with earthystuff…

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sry i forgot…
theres not just a bonus 4 crafting food… you get the same bonus 4 cooking food too…

A level 2 is indeed worth it, a level 3 absolutely not!

I usually get around 55 pies instead of 50 from the mixer. When cooking them in a furnace there is indeed another chance of getting a bonus but that seems kinda finicky, when I put 5 stacks of 50 in 5 different furnaces usually 3 or 4 come out as 50, the rest can have a few more and sometimes a lot more but the latter happens rarely.


Does it apply to augment crafting also?

It does specifically say food and brews but if it applied to any other consumables it would be more attractive.

I know two people that have cooked with it but haven’t heard anyone say they specifically tried other items.

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@AeneaGames I was joking maybe lvl one if I was gonna mass craft 16k pies

Nah level 3 grapple is worth it…yes unnecessary, this is true . We have level 3 grapple for ages. But there’s quite a lot of generous players in the guild so I guess money isn’t the issue…if tight lvl 2 is more than enough… I think we tried the crafting one and found others helix were more beneficial.

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Yeah grapple is an exception because return on investment isn’t a factor.

I run the helix and I really like it. I craft enough brews where it really makes it worth it. I run mine on lvl 2 and get about 8-11 per mass craft.


Thanks for your input. Initially we passed over it because level 3 was too expensive endeavour wise. We make enough coins to pay for the buffs but not enough alt to pay for the endeavour. Now, since we craft brews and pies for our shops, we are considering the level 2 version.


Wow that sounds like a good thin👍

You’re seeing more than the max bonus?