Is there an afterlife?

I was having a conversation on a group chat with friends about beliefs and other touchy subjects. Anyway we got on to the topic of heaven, hell and other assorted afterlifes or just an afterlife in general. So what do you guys think? Do you believe there is an afterlife?

Please don’t make derogatory remarks and don’t be disrespectful of other people’s beliefs. :thumbsup: :innocent: :imp:


Personally i believe a little bit in reincarnation but not completely though.
[off-topic]IF it exists it think it would be quite social now that everyone’s dying :stuck_out_tongue:
(Reference on a lot of celebs dying)

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I think it will always be a social place tbh :smile:

Personally I don’t believe in any sort of afterlife but beliefs change.

I mean it’s 50/50 either there is one or not^^ The only person we could have asked was jesus. Bit honestly I don’t trust the historic accuracy of the Bible (or any other religous book/scroll).

Also if there was a way to connect the here and now with the afterlife in both ways then I’m sure all the smart man which already died would have found a way to contact us.

I’d say let’s drink tea and wait, we’ll find it out soon enough^^

well yeah… 2 choices… but not equal percent chance for them to be true, it would be the same as “its 50/50 whether or not you will be struck by lightning when you walk outside today, either you do or you dont” which. if there is NO lightning at the time, is very unlikely. same principle.

On the topic? No. i dont think so. i have just had Religious Knowledge Systems as a topic in TOK (Theory Of Knowledge) and we discussed a few things. If we put aside the total lack of evidence and instead go on “belief” which is the only thing we can. Assuming it is correct. Assuming that heaven exist, then what is the purpose of it? think about this, christianity and Islam generally advocate for being good towards those around you (Theoretically, not counting all of those cases where they arent) and if you are good enough you go to heaven, your purpose is to be good to people and live a good life. Religious people i have talked with argued you NEED a purpose in life, they were totally baffled when i said i dont think there is one. So if the purpose of life is to do good and come into heaven. Then what is the purpose of heaven? Do you just spend an eternity trapped in this place with no purpose and no reason to do anything? If you keep your mortal desires and feelings then how long could you be there before it felt like punishment? If they remove your mortality and only take your “soul” doesnt that mean its not really you going into heaven?


Minus the “Havok is an immortal chaos god” gig for a moment only (and no, I won’t acknowledge that it’s a gig hereafter) I’m going to have to say no, there is no after life. Fun fact: having been officially “warm and dead” once, and “cold and dead” once after that (both times as a “true believing xtian”), and still never seeing any pearly gates or lakes of hellfire, I can personally attest death is much like dreamless sleep. I had a complex open heart surgery at 8 that required my heart to be stopped for an extended period when I was 8, and fell in a frozen lake for about 10 minutes when I was 12. 26 now, and I fully feel like I’m done dying for at least another 40 years.


that’s… some messed up childhood D:

Nonsense, I had a wonderful childhood, extended many times over by modern medicine. Heart surgery was to fix a birth defect, and the lake was really just a not-too-uncommon accident.


:smiley: Okay :smiley:

Yea^^ but I mean since there is neither evidence for or against a heaven I’d say it’s 50/50.
Unless you have some information to alter that percentage in either direction?

Well according to Jehovas Witness heaven is a physical place that you will arrive at after doomsday, everyone will gain eternal life but only choosen people will come to paradise :slight_smile:

I personally feel that heaven is not to have purpose and personally believe in living to live. Meaning that what purpose we have in life is something we choose ourself and not necesarily some goal set by a god.

Now it really depends on what you would call heaven? Cause if we follow the christian deffinition i would say the ratio falls based on the fact that god obviously is not as described in the bible and a heaven he have made and is controlling therefore necesarily would be different,

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Nothing to suggest there is, nobody talks about before life, only the afterlife. There’s nothing to say that it is true, it seems to me like a way to not be scared of death rather than a true reflection of reality. When you die your consciousness goes to where it was before you were born, oblivion. That shouldn’t scare you, an eternal life would be torturous.


well I always thought there was something behind life, we are all made of energy, this energy some people think that is our soul like beyond two souls. Well I’m trying to say we don’t go anywhere we stay in energy form (energy can’t be destroyed or created), is always there. Then that energy is moving around us with no end or destiny. Its there. somehow some people think that, that energy is captured by another container or life, is the soul with those memories of yours that in some time of the other life, those moments, thoughts and experiences come again without you (with the new body and life) knew about doing it before and sometimes in some few people become the one who was in the other life with diferent body. I looked a lot of things about this and what I know is that the energy never ends with more intensity or less. and with power o will to make us know that they are there, This energy form is the afterlife, we never disapear completly. sometimes we lose that memory. That energy has in many ways intelligence, it can be progressive, remembers you and tries to comunicate somehow, doesn’t lose memory or experiences and can learn more after dead, being energy. There’s also those that know that they are dead as energy form but with less intelligence always remembering same things lived in the past with the capacity to comunicate as well and learn nothing. And last one the ones who don’t know about their death, they are constantly in a loop doing the same thing done las time that remember forever, no learning, no intelligence and no perception of others arround them (por souls)

How do they still there? well someone told me once that that the energy or souls that have more intense energy know how to “eat” or consume to be seen or having the capacity to do or manipulate its sorroundings moving objects, making extrange noises, etc. To do that and persist they learn (I don’t know how) to consume other sources of energy, like other energies (other less important souls) or electronics so they can show up. included your energy, consuming your state fealings.

Well the point is that you don’t exactly die, you stay in a non visible form with the capacity someday to return to life in another body and somehow in that new life in a certain moment “unlock” your past. or in the other side being able to do whatever you want in that form

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Yeah a think like this, more directly response

If my soul were the energy in my body the it’s kind of scary to know that the millions of bacteria, insects and other animals will tear my soul (energy) apart and use said energy to power themselves.

Which also means it’s very likely that every time I eat something, at least one fragment of a soul is in there too.
We’re all Souleaters.

Nah, nothing there. Just a myth. People want to feel safe and feel like their lives mean something.

Plus, if there is a heaven, there must be a hell right?

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if you use the binary terms “good and bad” then yeah.

i was reading a book called “the descended angels” and Nyx the main fallen angel said something cool “I find it horribly unfair that actions done in the very very short lifetime of humans can lead to an eternity of suffering”


Well at least the purgatory was officially abolished by the christian church^^

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Before you start talking about your theory, talk about why you believe your theory. You assert something without proof so why should I believe it? Have you observed it? Can I observe it? Can anyone observe it?

Gut feeling I suppose? It’s not good enough. I think your idea is just make believe, you may want something to be true, but if you don’t show that it is true, why should anyone believe you.

Not buying it, and you shouldn’t either unless you can prove it. Don’t believe in the afterlife unless you have a reason to. It makes you value the life you have now and you will treasure the time you get.