Is there an afterlife?

Oh well. if christian religion is the “right” one and its their god, i will go to hell anyways for eating shrimp.

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I just found it hilarious that they abolished it^^ That was just a few years ago^^

Talking about books I found Philip Pullmans interesting “heaven” in His Dark Instruments rather interresting.

Heaven and Hell is not really something that exist, everyone jsut ends up n this grey dark empty plane. Very fair, not really fun for anyone, but fair indeed.

If you want to watch an anime about it watch

“Death Parade”

it is crazy good

Seriously, I was just going to type that and then your post poped up xD

But yes Death Parade has a rather interesting take on the whole afterlife affair^^

It also has an OVA called “Death Billiard”

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Which I got told you should watch first^^

Nah i got enough from philip pullman. (And greek mythology damn those guys could tell stories)

I think the largest problem with the classic idea about Heaven and Hell is that entrance is supposed to be based on a quite rediculess set of rules.

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It can be summed up in one word “Obey!” which is my problem with religion


illicit ■■■ fantasies

I am so damned

Edit: hmm didn’t know that was a censored word.[quote=“Zouls, post:29, topic:3621”]
It can be summed up in one word “Obey!” which is my problem with religion
The word Obey is against my religion :slight_smile:

Wait what?

I mean if you worship the stars instead of god you deserve to die right? /s

Ok ok i am done with rediculing reason to going to hell after this one:


Yes I’ve thought about this whole energy can not be created or destroyed…but it can be transformed. Who’s to say that you were not once electricity or heat? And what about the mass-energy equivalence… When we die our ‘souls’ may turn into another form of energy instead of remaining the same.

You never know.

Also @combatman12 no one has evidence for their theory of an afterlife. It is all just belief and belief is not based on logic or fact but what you want to think.

Not that they shouldn’t provide evidence for their beliefs when they try to impose it upon others.


I look at life like a book or something. You only experience your life, because it is the only time in which you are alive. When you die, you stop experiencing anything, therefore it doesn’t matter.

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sure anyone knows what’s coming next. Maybe will be a forever dream of any kind weird thing… well who danm knows xD

I’ve been tossing around an idea in my head that right before you die, your brain “compensates” and invents/processes a new reality, in which you can live once more. Just an idea, but I haven’t thought too much about it

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Thought that you would have realised I knew that by my stance, statements and questions.

[OFF-Topic]So my laptops runs on souls?


Everything does!^^

See humans fuel development :smiley: