Is there no 1 year anniversary event planned?


Want gift?? You will get it! :joy:


Maybe they didn’t want to celebrate on Sep 11 so the anniversary event will be the 12th?


Throw a Christmas gift box into the chrysominter? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You get an exo! And you get an exo! Everyone gets an exo!



Come on guys. Let’s hug it out.


Keep it civil please. Today is a day of celebration

Any posts that are unable to do that will be removed


Agree, please guys it’s the Boundless One Year Anniversary


sigh I’ll behave


Wow he cant even try and make a joke without someone jumping on him.


exactly my sentiment


I’m assuming stretchious already handled what ever I was tagged for here because I see nothing o.o


@AeneaGames i didnt wanna bump an old post, but I just learned about F10 picture mode from you. Thanks!!!


DK i am shattered haha please dont give me hope. I had high hopes then > no event > crash down > see dev forum announcement > high hopes > see picture of celebrating toons and birthday cake and cones > sky-high happy > discover its just “artwork” > 100% rekt.


Maybe they got it backwards and thought the anniversary is on November 9th?


That’s what you get when you write 9/11 :joy:



Ten charactersssss


Well the day is over here in Europe, for a few hours already, haven’t heard about Warp Wraith attacks yet so I think that’s a no on the anniversary thing…


My reply was an in jest reply to an in jest remark, smileys usually give that away in my posts, if there’s no smiley I’m dead serious…


Honestly, the best way to introduce the Warp Wraith would be by not even adding it in the patch notes.

Think about it. :joy:


Was kinda hoping it was already in there!!! And that they were holding back certain exo types to let it loose…

Wasted opportunity if you ask me! :slight_smile: