Is there no 1 year anniversary event planned?


When you wrote that it was 4am in the UK, unless they sleep walk and press buttons I do not see such things happening! :smiley:

Patience grass hopper, patience, wax on, wax off…


:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Even if she’s glitchy and unstable!


Oh my endless wisdom… and sadness (:joy:).


Yes :frowning:



I got a present this morning… a bunch of resin! :smiley: Jumped on the new exo right away… I got on thinking that with some time to kill I might attempt to make Boundless a little cake. But then I saw Jhas. New exo pops up, I drop everything… I felt sort of bad about that, haha. But a chance to get on an exo right away… not passing that up! :wink:

So here is the cake I wanted to give instead: :cake::cake::cake::cake::cake::cake::cake::cake:

Boundless has given me a lot of smiles and happiness through tough times this last year… I’ll always be so grateful for it and will always be among the handful of favorite games with a really special place in my heart. :slight_smile: So a big Happy Birthday once again, and can’t wait to see what the future has in store!


Anniversary event: Gleambow.


Personally I’d prefer they just keep heads down and release more content overall.


I think it’s okay to celebrate an anniversary. It only happens once a year


We can do the celebrating and show our appreciation. :slight_smile: Wish I could give actual gifts, but pixels and words it will have to be - but still that is important I think, for them to see the love we have for it and what it means to us. :heart:


And this year’s winner, for the conspicuous silence on the approach of the one year anniversary from official release date: Wonderstruck!



if they are focused on just making the game, then great. if there’s no content ready for the anniversary, no big deal.

but it would really be nice to have something

I think “something” fairly effortless they could do is flick on the gleambow switch, just for a day.

just a day.
but that was today so I guess it’s too late now… =\



6 t7 planet spawns all at once! 2 of each gem type. Well that was what I was hoping for at least.

But I’m okay, with them also just continuing to make good improvements to the game too



Just had to say it in jest - another switch that is even easier to flick is the wipe switch. :slight_smile: . So many around here thinking about starting a new year… the possibilities of a new universe - infinite.


wha? why did you even mention that? they have explicitly said there will be no wipe… i’ve never suggested that idea and don’t even agree with it…
Just a bit confused here…

that doesn’t even make sense either… “Happy Birthday everyone! enjoy all your stuff being taken away!” …?



Too wild of an idea :joy:. I am humble. I just wanted a pie hat with some fireworks body paint and a couple more festive props.


Another quick switch is to add the word “wipe” to the bad words filters :smile:


Here Xaldafax goes again lol


I think a great birthday gift for boundless(and the Devs) would be one full day of no complaints, bickering, arguments, or demands. :birthday::tada::confetti_ball::balloon:


But that’s half the fun!

That’s like a negative gift…