Is there no 1 year anniversary event planned?


Y’all lucky! I’m still stuck in the 90s! Best years!


It was the 7th (midnight on the evening of the 6th to 7th) and it was when you pre-ordered. I know since I was playing it that night and sadly did not spring for the Deluxe…


Damn I want a divorce…not even dinner. U so ungrateful…hahahaha


Oh, oh, oh! We finally get a Deluxe upgrade on PS4??? That would be a treat.

Hmmm, what could I do with 2k of extra plots…


Yea i didn’t look at the time on the first trophy. 11:27pm 9/6/2018. I just remembered it was the sixth for me.


Being able to kick hoppers would be hilarious. Imagine kicking one into the night sky and then watching it explode like a cheap firework.


Idk what you all are doing now but I am celebrating by myself in this palace rn :crazy_face:


It’s going to be a bummer if there’s no party, no hat or balloons, no update, no burst of EXOs, no dev stream…nothing…to commemorate the one year anniversary :disappointed:



(Normal statement so forum accepts it)


Whether there is an event, or not, Im happy to celebrate and look back… a lot has changed in the last year! I think back to my first FRUSTRATING days… I’m so grateful for all the hours of fun I had this year, and how far we’ve come!

Happy Birthday Boundless! :heartpulse:



I like to collect the special items MMOs give out to players for every anniversary – it’s fun to be like "I got this 5 years ago…can’t believe it’s been that long :open_mouth: "


Im happy to join with everyone to celebrate the birthday.!
We should throw down some massive party.
And just gather people to chat with eachother!


Me too… I was really hoping for some body paint to new head wear! But, all in all I’m happy, and to be honest, I’m not giving up on a surprise! :blush:


same :grin: It’s still the 10th here…so there’s like 24 hours left…lol


Lol please no its already the 11th here. I dont want to wait anymore :joy:. Plus, its the 11th too in the UK so yeah devs its time. Go ahead guys press the button our eyes are peeled here :laughing:.




It is only 4Am there haha, they need to wake up first to surprise us.


Happy One Year Boundless!
I can’t wait to see what anniversary celebration items we get to mess with today :smiley:


Wow, time goes so fast.
I still remember the time when the new universe release, me and my guildy rush to Grovidias Te to build our first house XD. @Dulki


Well, since a few weeks we kinda had 4 exo’s up at the same time, when one left not immediately a new one spawned but it would within 24 hours, I rather like that, 4 regions and all that.

But last week I noticed there was suddenly a moment that there was only one exo up. And then they came back again, again we usually have had 4 up since then too.

Soooooo, I had this crazy idea that they were trying to sync up the times with today…

Right now we have 3 exo’s and another EU one is about to leave at 8:10am GMT (9:10UK, 10:10 CET, my time)…

Coincidence??? I think not!!!

A T7 with the Warp Wraith?? Or a T8, ohhhhhhhhhh???

At least any new materials will be easy to find to buy with the new shop stands update!!! fingers crossed