Is there no 1 year anniversary event planned?


Digital deluxe on ps4 released on the 6th. Only the normal one for ps4 released the 11th. But nonetheless the 11th is still considered the official launch.


Haha yeah it is!


Give me Xaldas present he doesnt want it, devs. :joy:. Really though, id looooove some new surprise.


i was allready thinking off project last week i had in mind a carpet where each player fills in a tile and we call it aniversary square :smile:


I’m game, just give the cords and I will drop a plot and build a room. I can put like 3 doorways so it connects easily to others and one window sided wall. I’ve got building mats just laying around, although I should probably put more of them into midguard :thinking: lol.


I see you all shivering with anticip…


Boundless Day 9/11! #neverforget


What if we log in on the 11th and all get spawn killed by the new hunter hmmmm? Not all surprises are nice you know :smiling_imp:




It was a number 2 wasnt it?


I WISH that any mob updates such as the hunter being brought into the game would be done secretly. That way we don’t know to look out for them. Imagine all the sudden a TITAN!!


Something a long the lines of “new tweaks and AI changes to mobs”


Tomorrow will be the day!

Titans, Warp Wraith, shop stand info, T8s, couple new blocks to craft, oh my!

I can dream, sigh kicks a hopper


It’ll just be a new boon added to the special gum lmao!


That’s quite the unfortunate date to celebrate things. :flushed:


Hush @RedY3 i see you typing!!!


I am afraid we are all unnecessarily hyping up ourselves. I have a bad feeling itll just be a normal day in Boundless with hoppers exploding and cuttles annoying people :joy:


If that’s not the most Charlie Brown thing I ever read.


I guess you’re in the :star_struck: future…it’s still sept 9th here :unamused:


Same here, with us vikings up here and our time machines.