Is there really a problem with player retention


I dnt see any issue with them spending 1 hour a week answering questions and sharing information.

they dnt have to be in the office to answer questions about their game.


At some level we do see them doing that. Luca just responded to a thread. We have vdragon doing stuff… James posts, etc.

The challenge with Q&A is we have a very common pattern that there is always someone in the community that does not like the answers they hear. This has been proven over and over.

We have seen James answer questions and get yelled at… now not answering questions is bad.

Ask the questions… There are people that have some knowledge of what is coming and maybe can answer them for you… or a developer might.


Have you seen my metro network on Finata at Ultima Mall? Check it out :blush:


I don’t agree sorry
Showing future content is NOT something they are doing very well.
Timelines are vague and very sketchy at best and the next content was going to be Farming.
Simply creating a pretty image and a vague ’ don’t expect carrots ’ is not keeping the player base. For me personally farming was going to be the content that might keep me playing longer but it’s all a bit too little too late really.

Game arrived 6 months ago and so far - zero new content except new planets with the exact same things in them thinning out the player base. We got a guild system for a diminishing playerbase rather than CONTENT!


Then what is CONTENT in your view?


As you appear to be suggesting we’ve had content.
I would be keen to see your list of engaging content over the last 6 months that has kept us coming back for more :slight_smile:


I have made no comment either way on what I considered content or not.

Please don’t side line the question with some other distraction. If you answered my question some where else then forgive me and please point me to where you said what content was.

Otherwsie, you stated clearly:

I’m asking you straight up what you feel CONTENT is. Define it. This should be a very easy answer for you since you clearly have an idea of what you think CONTENT is. List examples of what you see CONTENT as… please.

Help the developers and everyone understand your view instead of just saying something doesn’t exist and then not state it a solution.


To be honest I am beyond caring if the developers need assistance with content ideas.

I will tell you that content is NOT

New planets with copy / paste ingredients
'Luxury blocks ’
Poles and beams [useless matchsticks]
A guild system

Not one of those things is content and so far this is all we have in 6 months


Puppies are not:

  • Kittens
  • Barbie dolls
  • French fries

Ok you should have a good idea what a puppy is now. Give me more puppies


Sorry but the forums are absolutely full of content suggestions. I am not spending time listing the ideas already put forward.

I do not think you are cinfused as to what content IS as I suspect you know what puppies are , I am sure you giggled gently to yourself while typing your response. Hopefully your day continues to give you such joys, the winter months must have just flown by for you.


I think the only piece of content I would consider content to be put into the game since release would be the upcoming Farming system and mechanics.

Everything else are just things that have expanded on existing mechanics and systems. That sounds a little bleak IMO.


You could have just been honest and say you don’t know. You could have listed a few or given some basic examples.

Instead you just add complaints and bring no value to anyone or the game with this type of attitude. It’s sad. It is fine you don’t like what was delivered but then please don’t bring in the bad attitude and create a perception that there are problems with the game or things being delivered aren’t content when you cannot even take a second to define what you mean. We don’t need this type of mindset with our players because things will not get better.


This thread is getting into a downward spiral. I’m hoping we can pull out of this spiral and stop fighting because it’s awful early to start closing threads today.


That is unfortunate for you that I have an opinion on the game
May I suggest you put me on ignore please as I do not intent to lose my ‘attitude’

Your comment “don’t bring in the bad attitude and create a perception that there are problems with the game” makes my weep inside.
It is people like yourself that will come to the forums and announce that everything is perfect, that you have so much to do and that things could not be better that cause harm to a game.

Things are not good and there are problems in the game.

People need to comment what those issues are for anything to improve not sit on a fence and keep quiet and tell others to essentially be quiet when highlighting issues.

Now as I said. We have had no content in 6 months. That neess to change else we might as well have one planet that we all play on and we’ll likely still only see one other player each evening.


I think I am just as frustrated as you in the game on many points. I just see many people complain and it gets overwhelming at times because there seems to be no way out of that situation.

I am certainly not one of those people that say the game is perfect - hell I really challenge those people a lot in the forums.

I know I’ve been aggressive in my comments and I apologize for that. But honestly I really wanted to know what you see as content. I really wanted an example so I could understand what would get you to feel the game was offering more of what you wanted.

I just feel people should share the views and I hoped my question would get you to share a few examples.

As for one planet, I almost agree! I don’t see much value 48 have brought to the game but I also can see some of the value on why they are there.


Yea. It doesn’t ‘seem’. There just isn’t. That’s the core problem of the game. Too much needs attention with too little time and too small a crew to address it with.

I’ve played too many online games over these last 20+ years, since aol neverwinter. The problems we are seeing are common for any indie group. It’s why it is the most frustrating because I don’t see what is going to make Wonderstruck and different than any of the other companies/titles that I’ve seen go through these similar struggles in that time frame. Some pull a rabbit out of a hat, usually in the way of increased funding to expand the dev team or purchase the license for a new engine. I don’t think we are seeing that hat trick here.


you sound like awfull boss im more in the team off making people productive by highlighting positive stuff

i work with small crew off technicians
pointing out what did wrong has bad effect
congratulating them on the good stuff gets them excited then when they got good spirit
i tell em how they can improve

i give dev’s all the time they need
do not wont the fast basic generic stuff games have been giving us for years which isn’t hard to do


i normally do too when its in early access i got atlest 3 in my steam list right now that only get a update maybe once a month.

but once you hit that live button expectations change and right now we are getting close to 6 months on a unfinished un polished game hell if i was not following the forums for this game like i do i prob would have removed the game form my steam list by now and wrote it off has a scam


Well getting micro patches doesn’t help at all. The patches should contain quality of life, small content tweaks, new content introductions if its ready to implement, and a larger range of incorporated things.

It just doesn’t look like the way they’ve been doing things has been working. It’s time to pivot IMO.

I hope you realize that if all you do is shower people with praise, you aren’t doing them any good. A “good boss” is someone who gives positive and negative constructive feedback to one of their workers in addition to providing an explanation of how to do whatever it is better. Telling the devs they’re messing up and giving a plethora of solutions doesn’t give a bad effect. Giving them examples of how other games are doing it better isn’t giving them a bad effect.


ah yeah i think different imo the game is finished and im playing it all the rest is bonus for me
i let you guys improve the game ill focus on all the stuff i still have to do in game :grin:
why did i even hit reply here haha pretty dumb off me