Is there really a problem with player retention


Dang Loadkill, that’s a bit harsh.


yea i will admit there was a bit of frustration in that post a while back i tryed to get my buddys into the game and they sayed the same thing almost to me when you look at the website they list off all thse cool things that are not in the game given it says coming soon but still thats someting you would see in a game thats in early access or a full game announcing DLC content not a full game still working on its core features. i think in its self that could be a big cause for the player retention issue they download the game see a mostly emptiy world then go on to the website and see eveything that could be there but with no idea when and if it will even happen.

edit: and the point i was makeing was its easy to see the game like that form the outside looking in if you are not on the forums reading all the posts of people asking things or looking for the odd roadmap or dev update all you would see is the odd QoL update released and events that dont really add anything they just play on already existing content. the offical forums are the only way to get the info you need and to see the devs are busting there butts trying to make the game the best it can be


Sometimes being harsh is the only way to get a point across but it shouldn’t be the only way to make those points. The devs need to move in the direction that is going to bring in new players, retain who they have, and give those that have quit a reason to come back. If that means telling the devs their game is ■■■■ and why it is, so be it. It’s tough love but if that’s what it takes then that’s what it takes. Being nice doesn’t always get the job done.

The issue though with them bringing in more players is that the servers can’t handle it but they still need to implement all of those systems, features, and content pieces anyways while bug fixing stuff, optimizing things, and making sure the game is rock solid in performance. They need to get better servers to increase the capacity per server for each world. 80 is too low. If the game increased to 1000 players, the servers would buckle and crash. If their was 2000, it would create bottlenecks when it comes to traveling through portals.

Right now they don’t have the back-end hardware to scale the game up. That’s a major problem and a risk they run when the game gets more stuff in it that retains players better.


Except you’re playing with the futures of two dozen hard-working developers who have already been much more open and direct then most other gaming studios. I mean, in-game issues are handled by the stuido CEO for crying out loud. When people threaten to call the game a “scam” that’s too far. Voice your complaints, make your suggestions, but the developers are going to make their own decisions in the end. For better, or for worse. There comes a point when “tough love” simply becomes being an ass.


No one is playing with anyone. That’s absurd. Players need to be realistic about where a game is and what can be expected from it in the future.


You’re right, “playing” is putting it too lightly.


James shouldn’t be the one handling in game issues in the first place. Sam should be. He needs a team to work with to address those things and communicate things better on the forum. He doesn’t have that.


Ok when you’ve been a part of an industry for several decades you know what to expect. You need to realize that those of us pointing out these negative issues aren’t doing so to see the game steered off the cliff. The majority of us want a successful team and a fantastic game but we’re not blind to what is needed for this dev team to bring in to be successful and continue working on this game.


It’s all good mate.

I was starting to think you were just trolling though aha

I am not a game hater, honestly. My past posts over the last 6 months will highlight that but there is a time where defending and giving the benefit of the doubt starts to feel very old and tiring. It’s the time for me anyway to start being criticsl and voicing my dislike of how stagnant the game is. I would be overjoyed if content landed and hopefully if we start stamping the proverbial feet we might get that content or at least some definate news and dates of when it is coming :slight_smile:


The fact that we get no update on how the future content is coming is very hard to deal with. Yes I know it takes time for content to come out so as a alternative give us more information on the content as it progresses.


Heck yeah to this.

More of a conversation would be nice. Something like, “Hey guys, we’re going to be doing something differently now and actually let you in a little bit on how things are going. This is how far we’ve come along with Farming and the Hunter. Here’s some internal test clips we’ve made that demo how farming and the hunter are going to be like to experience. Let us know what you think and if we can get far enough in development of these things, we’ll throw them on the test server to get some more empirical data.”

This not only goes for the coders but everyone on the development team. Including the artists who make the graphics and sounds. Just is something I’d love to do and I don’t think it would take a lot of developer time to achieve. Yeah, threads will explode into 1000+ post long threads but I think that expresses more of an example of everyone’s passion for the game.


Exactly, I’m not asking for every detail they have just details in general. What better way to turn the forums comments from all these negative back and Forths into omg :open_mouth: I cant wait to play that.


Yeah, that’s what I was trying to get at. Even if it’s a little sneak peak video clip would go a long ways. Right now I feel like farming is going to be a huge disappointment.


Oh, ability to sit in chairs would be nice.


so do we just have to wait for these settlements form the free weekend people? Someone built right in the middle of my village and I need it gone. I invited them to build in my village and if they played i wouldn’t care but they never came back after day 1. I’m sure he didn’t pay for it as he said he couldnt afford it. I have to wait a month to build??


Unless he suddenly gets mom and pop to buy it for him or similar, yes. I’m hoping his beacon is only a 4 week fuel


All games have a problem with player retention. I am a pc player and I have hundreds of games I say I love, but I only have 2 hands, 24 hours in a day, and I also have a life outside. I am retired so my time is my own and I choose to play what I want. I have Gleam Club and fund my beacons so I can disappear when I want and appear when I feel the need to play Boundless.

So Devs, my hat is off to you. I have my opinions, but I like to play my games the way they are developed. So I am happy no matter what you do.

I am of the opinion if I wanted to control this game, I would have become a developer myself and worked in the industry.
Give you opinions people, but please have a little civility when voicing them.


Here’s an idea to improve the new player experience - instead of just letting players select to start on a tier 1 or 2 planet, allow players to start in a city. You could hand select some of the largest cities, or you could work it into the game - one way would be to allow all cities over some very large prestige amount (10m? - we don’t want newbies spawn screen spammed with cities) to build a newbie spawner beacon. Newbies would have the option to select to start in any city with a newbie spawner beacon. Optionally allow the spawner beacon to have some text that describes the city that the newbie can read before spawning - perhaps a tooltip or mouseover.

This would greatly improve the new player experience for the type of people who want to spawn in cities and get right into the social side of things.



While this might be helpful for those wanting to start immediately in a city they already have the option when they select where to land. A player at that point can easily choose to spawn near a big city and there is no need to prompt them for it.

We also have a objective to go find a city and build near it or a settlement. So much of the game already sends people that way. So I don’t see how this is a value add when it is already an option.

Additionally, why is a 10 million prestige city better than a 5 million prestige city? Prestige can mean really nothing when you have people that just spam it and isn’t of relevance to a new player.


This can sort of happen but only if the individual understands the heatmap. It would be better if there was a popup that stated “Warp near this on the world to start communicating with others sooner, Or warp where this isn’t any to start surviving on your own”