Is there really a problem with player retention


to be fair tho a new player would have no idea that those “blocks with names” are cities,settlements or just a mall has far as im aware the game des not really tell you the difference with the icons unless you hunt for that info


That is fair point for sure…

So if we could get more information that is seen like city name and maybe we allow classification of beacons - personal, mall, city, portal hub, etc. would that help at all?


Originally I was going to say yes, but then I’m wondering about the beacons that span a couple of those. Like a private shop set up inside someone’s home base.


And then starts the problem of people getting upset when the devs do not hand pick their own city for this honor, The moment the devs do anything that can show favoritism to select groups of players and not others, problems will happen. Not a good idea in my book.

If you are referring to aiming the totem stick at the world for the 1st time to select a landing spot. I will tell you that this process is extremely annoying due to how slow the world turns, Most players might not want to wait to see everything they can see, Also some players since they are new, still may not understand in full what the icons mean or why they should or should not aim closer to one of those icons.

So yes, they have the option to select where to land, but I feel most new players are still taking a mostly blind guess at what they are doing in this regards. That how It was for me when I did that for the 1st time.


I’ve watched a fair few streams and YT vids of new players choosing their starting locations - most of them choose to be away from everyone else. They want to learn about the game in their own time and carve out a piece of land for themselves. They don’t generally want to start in or even near a big city.

But understandably, they are just one subset of the larger whole and there are some that do choose to start closer to civilisation.

Giving people that freedom choice, I think, is imperative.

I wonder if they could add more information to the tool tip that appears when you hover over the visible dots on the planet when using a totem. Maybe just the words “City”, “Town” etc. will be enough to get an idea of the scale of the place?


Maybe… although in my experience prestige is mostly cosmetic and doesn’t always relate to how useful an area is to a visitor. I think that if it’s achievable, it might be better to show the number of unique visitors that the settlement has had ‘recently’, so that new players can better find current hubs to be sociable and meet with people if that’s what they want.


This is true…especially anyone that has played MC.

I’ve seen noobs dig a safety hole in the ground, some will build little MC style safety huts, they run away if you approach them to say “hi” or offer assistance, etc. It takes them awhile to realize how different BL is from MC.

BL has a unique plotting system that is apparently a bit difficult for new players to really get the gist of. I think it’s better that they take awhile to learn how to do things & discover everything.

If they spawn in a large city, they might have trouble finding an open spot to beacon, they may place a beacon in an odd area (ie: a road that’s being built) that causes other players to get unnecessarily angry at them), etc.

BL has a large learning curve (which is very common with large MMOs). Most games offer new players a tutorial or noob area to learn the basics in. An area that they can stay in/around as long as they feel the need to.

MMOs like WoW, OSRS, & My Time at Portia spawn new players in/near a novice hub area. There are a few NPCs that give tooltips/direction/reminders, small NPC basic starter shop, a couple of starter workbenches… the new players can hang around that area until they are ready to move on. I think it would be great if BL had some sort of tiny starter planet or region on Lush LVL 1 planets. Noobs could get used to the game with less frustration and more experienced players could easily locate them & offer help if they want to. Noobs would always see other players/noobs and wouldn’t immediately think the game was barren.


:rofl: It sounds like they have been playing Factions.


It’s true! I came from factions so the plot system was really familiar


@Karko @Fallon lol :smile: I guess it kinda sounds like several games…be wary of trades, don’t let anyone “borrow” or “look” at your weapon, don’t let strangers in your house, watch out for PVPers/pirates…


Soon we’ll have water-covered bases and storage blocks :thinking:


Haha, since this is right crew. What happens when lava hits water, or what happens when water hits lava?:thinking:


Repeater tnt cannon is ready to be built. :boom:


Nothing would be better for player retention. tenor


Let me see if they set their beacon perms correctly before I boat glitch – er I mean… bump warp in.


the real problem is player attention there so much stuff to do we all over the place :grin:


Maybe they just need to ask moebius for a job :>


i really think the problem is due too all the timegateing when a game almost encourages you too play other games you start to find things to fill that gap…my self i prob would not have gotten back in to WoW if it was not for the fact i needed something to do while i waited on all the timers


I haven’t been in the game for very long about 5 months now but what keeps me playing are the “people” don’t get me wrong I love the game and what it has to offer and it offers a lot of different things to different people, building, mining, hunting, weapon crafting etc etc and soon to be farming.

But as you say it’s the friendly people that keep it going, for any new people that have joined the game I think that’s what they want to see from a game like this.

I was given a lot of help when I started from a stranger I come across on my old planet Soc 1 to Arie where I am now and I still get it wherever I go (not all want to stop and wave if they busy) but most do it’s a community game and I hope when I see a new player I can return the help and friendliness I was given them 5 months ago!!



Surely the question that’s in the title is easily answered with empirical data. It really comes down to:

There is a player retention problem if the income gained from players can’t financially support the game. Otherwise, there is not.

Nobody that’s posted in this thread is qualified to answer that either way, sadly. I do wish people would stop leaning on the Steggs quote though. Time has rendered it obsolete. While it may say that Boundless is expected to be a slow burner and so not to worry, it also says that “In fact, we’re anticipating the game to be a slow burner which steadily grows as the year goes on - hitting a real stride next year”.

I don’t think they saw any significant growth through the end of the year, and ‘next year’ is now. I don’t feel like it’s got close to hitting it’s real stride. All we can really do is hope that it meant ‘The end of next year’ and that there’s a solid plan to get us there (or that the current income is enough to support it somehow).