Is there really a problem with player retention


I somewhat agree with this.

When I was choosing my first ever landing site I had very little info on the game. I’d not done much research and didn’t know the benefits of being near a city.
Thankfully i saw the huge patch of green that was River Towns on Arie and i decided to land near the outskirts just out of curiosity.

I can imagine how much slower my first few weeks would have been without easy access to their hub and shops!


I rather like to see starter planets, where new players can do what they want, build, forget to fuel beacons, don’t lose anything, but once they get to the stage they plop down a beacon on a non-starter world they will get a huge message on screen that from that point on every beacon needs to be fueled in order to keep your stuff around.

So if a person starts playing, likes it but didn’t make it off a starter planet they can take very long breaks before coming back without losing stuff…

Oh and of course, players who already have beacons on non-starter worlds can not add NEW beacons on starter worlds…


I wish it would have told me to press B to view plotted regions when choosing a starting location. I did my best to aim for what I thought were roads, but wasn’t familiar with the geography of planets and mistook rivers for roads. Ended up in the middle of nowhere. Moved my base on day two after someone showed me the PS network.


New ideas for player retention:

Sell drugs on boundless (sic)
Pass laws requiring people to play boundless
Pay people to play boundless
Sponsor Ninja to play boundless
Get Kim Kardashian to play boundless on KUWTK


One of the issues I see/have is that once you stop playing and lose everything, it makes it harder for players to want to play again.

Game needs a way to save 1 build so you don’t need to start fresh every time you take a break from the game.

Who wants to play a game off and on when you lose everything every time.

Yes, you can refuel your beacons or pay for gleam club, but not everyone wants to pay for/play a game they’re not currently interested in. It makes sense for not taking up space on a planet, but not for literally losing all your stuff.