Is tiers system truly necessary?

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  • Mine and gather for the best equipment available for your Tier 1 world
  • Return to the Titan with your friends. Defeat it and get your revenge!
  • Harvest the defeated Titan carcass for Rift Shards
  • Open a Portal to a new Tier 2 world using the Rift Shards[/quote]

I want to ask: is tier system constitute a definitive solution? Seems like a many people second this decision, but I need announce what it’s absolutely unrealistic anyway.

Yes, it is good for a game’s conception with progression. But if we have RPG, it must be similar to real existence. IRL hasn’t any tiers. Is progression like a career or social stairs, but no tiers. You live in London - I’m not, but it isn’t another tier, it’s just another city. I mean, an old prosperous gentleman can speak with a young boy on a street and be not separated by tier’s barrier.
Only economical reasons determine what man can does, and what he cannot does.

Also, you can take shovel and dig. Or you can take excavator and dig ten times faster. But here isn’t be tier’s limitation: “you cannot use excavator, because you need be on eightieth tier. Use shovel to digging

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I don’t have an opinion. But a nice side-effect of tiers would be less pollution in the higher tiers because mainly the most serious players will make it there.

Life The game.

Amazing graphics, horrible storyline.
the NPC’s are punchable at best.
the tutorial lasts for 18 years.
you use all of your time getting money from the 18th year to the endgame which is around 70.
it has the worst pay to win system i have ever seen.
The respawn timer is too long, only 1 dude managed to hack it and set it to 3 days.


On the topic. you doubt the realism of getting stronger enemies but you do not doubt the realism of running around as beast people, killing magical creatures, using teleportation and fighting huge titans?

its a fair enough opinon, but please use a better argument than ‘‘it doesnt work like that in real life’’ because you know what? we play video games cause real life just sucks sometimes, if i wanted everything to be hyper realistic i would go out to my backyard and start digging 1x1x1 m squares of dirt up from the ground.

The tier system is a nice way to make progression mean something, if they wouldnt do it then there would be 2 possible cases, 1) it is near impossible to kill anything in low level or 2) it is so mindbreakingly boring because you can just rofl stomp everything after leveling up a few times.

please. do not take RPG’S for real life, you are NOT allowed to kill people, you are NOT invincible, you do NOT respawn, and most of all, do NOT by ANY MEANS call small fat people for dwarfs!


cough portals cough

On the more serious side why should we go for realism if the game concept makes it fun? Tiers help create a steady progression throughout the game and it hinders people from just jumping straight into the game and being able to do anything (Which destroys the point of calling it an RPG)

Words of wisdom right here :slight_smile:

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learned that from experience xD

I like the tier system and yes, it will make a good game :wink:

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Well, how about live action role play games? I took part in this kind of humans activity. It’s fun. :wink:

Imagine can do anything. :alien:
Are you dislike how sound word “realistic”? Good. I can use another word: “plausibly”.
Magic is plausibly. Naming shortish peoples as dwarfs, gnomes, hobbits, fairies and brownies - is plausibly. Teleportations, wormholes, fighting with huge titans is plausibly. Not realistic, of course. I’m sorry about this mistake. :scream:

But tiers… Is fully synthetical, mechanical, unnatural. I think, it’s a erroneous way. And want to discuss it, while is not to late.

Finally, this concept not makes game fun for me. I hope, not only for me. :anguished:

I like the tier system since I played Terraria and Starbound, where you get a feeling of progress while you play through the different tiers. Tiers are not just obstacles but a good way to enrich the experience of a game.

On the second thought it also gives a good way to ensure that the players got the skills and tools to get over the obstacles you, as a game designer, throw at them at the higher tier worlds and that players of a tier are equipped on a more equal level. This is also important for pvp.

I played Starbound too. But I cannot understand how it is: galaxy with a planets, where beasts are weak, and another galaxy with planets, where beasts are strong. Can understand situation with ores and minerals (really, technetium isn’t made by stars), but not about crazy animals.

What matter PvP, I think what result of battle must determine by player’s hands, not by hours they grinded for grind.

But meeting a high equip enemy in the lower tiers can become really annoying. And also, the monsters beginning low on the beginning tiers and getting tougher on higher ones is something I want in game. And I think I’m not alone with this opinion.

It seems likely to me that many pure builders will choose to stay at lower tiers unless otherwise motivated. So I don’t think the tier system will be a problem even for those that don’t want it, and it will be nice to have a way to get to more challenging content for those that do.


But here means a choice: to build or to challenge. What is the sense, if building in sandbox game will be a side way, not a primary? Worlds of thin ancient architects under a pedestal and powerful barbarians on a top of civilization? Perfectly! :laughing:

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Even though i don’t agree with @Okkelinor it was a really great idea to take up this discussion as it shows a great deal about what people expect of the game and how they imagine stuff is going to work.


When we’ve talked about tiers it’s purely mechanical. We’re planning a much richer explanation for players in game. For example:

  • You start towards the center point of the Oort Universe. It’s dense, packed with worlds and characters.
  • The further a world is from the center of the universe, the more unpredictable and chaotic it is, the harder it is to get to.
  • Portals literally stretch our characters bodies across space and time. It takes a toll!
  • Portals to worlds near the center don’t stretch a character as much, it’s not as far so it’s relatively pain free to travel, anyone can do it.
  • If a character tried to travel out far out from the center their body would be stretched so far so fast they’d be instantly obliterated!
  • Luckily, our characters found a way round: by absorbing a mysterious source of energy, usually found within the heart of a Titan. Rift Shards.
  • By absorbing the power of Rift Shards, our characters learned they can travel and survive further and further from the center of the universe. The more they absorbed, the further they could travel.

Well, but how be with equipped angry pioneers, which returns to center of Universe? Or, may be, they cannot be back? Why?

Leaving aside that teleportation requires infinite energy and that these portals are literally tearing a hole in space creating a portal to a parralel dimension.

how would YOU recommend it being done so there is progression?

I agree that tiers shouldn’t limit your abilities, but I also think that players from lower tiers just shouldn’t get access to those high tier tools/weapons etc.
Consider the real world example of an f1 race car. Most people have never and will never drive one. They are extremely powerful and incredibly expensive. If you got a hold of an F1 you wouldn’t be able to drive it as fast as a pro, and you might even crash. Having tiers is realistic in that way. You could be an incredibly rich t2 or t3 person, but you dont have the skill to use t8 kinda tools.
I think a tier system would give the game a fun difficulty curve that would keep things interesting too.

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The one problem I have in all of this is someone saying that “it needs to be realistic because its an RPG.”

I really cant think of any RPG that is similar to real existence. It needs to be immersive and have story that is believable. Making something believable in game design doesn’t mean realistic, it just means the player can believe it in context to the rest of the game.

That being said I think the possible tier system of smaller, more difficult, and inhospitable worlds is perfect.
I like having different more difficult worlds separated by entire worlds that players have to unlock or get to, rather than just differet zones on a map like in WoW, GW, GW2, Wildstar, Rift, etc etc.