Is wonderstruck too stingy with plots? Stone nerf responses suggest “yes”

  • 5x all plots earned past and future
  • Double all plots earned past and future
  • Keep it the same
  • Reduce plots given out

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I say past and future meaning if you have plots or bought plots already, these would be multiplied, along with future plots earned.

I think the stone xp nerf was unnecessary and as posted, it is making some players quit, the last thing this game needs.

I’ve said before, I think the plots granted in this game are very stingy. It deters big cool builds. “Oh, you want to build something big and cool? You need to either destroy one of your other builds; spend a million coin or 20 hours grinding, or spend $200, JUST FOR THE PRIVILEDGE OF SPENDING 100 hours building. Yes, there should be a mechanic for plots and earning them, but IMO it is way too stingy.

I’m not mad or trolling the devs in any way. I love this game. However, I think many issues with the game failing to retain players long term have to do with plots. I think the fact that so many people used stone XP and feel so passionate about it relates to the fact that many players feel they aren’t being rewarded with the plots they need in order to enjoy the game.

I think more plots would let people plan ahead more and build a buffer zone into their builds, thus reducing fights
I think more plots would let people make more cool builds and planned towns, helping the community and reducing fights
More plots would let players with a billion materials actually use said materials, and encourage people to finally buy more stuff, helping the economy
More plots would give established players a new task and add new life to the game
More plots would make earning XP seem less grindy, a common complaint
More plots would lessen the complaints about the stone XP nerf


i said keep same
cause also look at other side
there a hole bunch off players i would prefer to have lower plots
until they earned them
lot off negatives also about everybody having a lot off plots fast
but in my case the time i spend in this game is rewarded with way to less xp def need something fixed just not sure giving more plots sorts it


If not plots then what?
I’m probably 1000 hours in and I barely have the plots for one big build.

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Check my suggestion to link xp to hours spend could maybe work

I used Stone crafting to get 5 of my 10 characters to level 20 without realizing this was some Meta that everyone was using at high levels. If end game involves leveling up by mass crafting stone, then yeah that should be fixed.

Leveling your character should probably not be the main form of free cubits gain. It just incentivises stupid grinds that ultimately cause players to quit.

What if you gained cubits every time you::

  • Explore a new zone
  • Complete a new feat
    – New feats for defeated a tough enemy, Meteor Challenge, Gleambow Race, etc
  • Assisted a new player with some task (player quest system)
  • Reach X Days/Weeks/Months playtime
  • Etc

The devs do have an incentive to not allow the current players to easily cover all the existing planets with plots. There has to be some balance there that I am sure the devs have thought long and hard on.


I genuinely don’t think increasing the amount of plots per player is a good idea.

However, I do think that additional vertical plots should be at a reduced cost, as some other have already suggested.

As those plots are reserved, no-one else can build on them anyway.


Epic ideas @james this answer to that question you asked about social rewards :slightly_smiling_face:

Not that I’m against more plots but more plots = more data that needs to be saved = higher server costs/strain. I don’t know how much it costs nor do I know how much revenue from gc they are getting but higher costs with a small player base wouldn’t be a good thing. Also take note that they said the removal of xp from rock was not to get people to spend more $ on cubits.

Also more plots means potentially more excessive dead zones or more planets spawning. More planets more server costs. Even more dead zones because we have too many planets as is for such a small player base.


You basically want your crazy amount of game time you’ve accumulated to net you some sort of reward. Way to suggest something toxic to be implemented into the game. This doesn’t do anything positive for new players and how to retain them.

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Try to be nice. I think Möbius genuinely wants to improve the game.

The idea doesn’t improve anything. Anyone that understands the problems this game has understands how rewarding the game time you spend in the game with XP is crazy.

Ok, so then what would you suggest? I’d argue there isn’t a lot to do at end game. I spend most of my time exploring, helping noobs, helping people with planning builds and chatting with friends. None of these grant XP.

The XP change shouldn’t even have been in any sort of discussion at a dev meeting at the office. It’s not necessary at this point when the game is plagued with a poor player retention, hardly any replayable content worth playing, the economy is garbage cause there isn’t really all that much “stuff” in the game to acquire and craft.

So come on man. These things have been brought up again and again. The devs have been made aware of these things and this is how they respond by giving us Exoworlds with special resources, some new recipes to go with them, but all of that gets over shadowed by trying to address power leveling with crafting tables and the stone recipe? Do they not realize you can forge up a AOE Axe or Shovel and acquire stuff from trees and soil blocks to mass craft and cook items to pass the XP onto alts? All they’re doing is moving the goal post some place else.

Here’s something that needs to be made crystal clear. This “exploit” that the devs are claiming it to be is used by people who can actually setup the XP Farm and then fill it easily by farming resources and just stockpiling rocks as a result of it. They’re already at end game. The byproduct of AOE tools is acquiring a ton of stuff in a short period of time. The XP Farm is the end result of the introduction of the Centraforge and the mandatory need to have AOE tools in order to gather stuff up in a halfway reasonable amount of time. The problem is the Centraforge whether people are willing to take off the blinders or not. It’s the root cause of the problem. This isn’t me trying to suggest we should get rid of the Centraforge, there just needs to be some serious balance issues around it since it’s what broke the game.

My suggestion would have just leave the Stone crafting XP alone so people can have fun to focus all the wasted time that has been spent on arguing the merits of the change on actual content. We’re suppose to be getting farming, but I am pretty sure time has been wasted by the devs on reading posts made by people about the change has pushed the time table of that content release back further. That’s time that could be have been spent on the Hunter or dungeons or something else that’s way more meaningful that could grow this game. Each minute wasted is a minute further away from rental worlds and Titans and any other piece of content we could be getting. Kind of get where I am coming from?

That’s how I see it. What they could have done is merely pose the question to the community on the forums to get some feedback on the idea, however, also they should have known from the bomb mining nerf that this kind of stuff would be negatively received.


How doses more plots help the new player level up?

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They’ll mine rocks or wood or whatever to build; they’ll craft those materials and then use them building, all of which give XP and enjoyment.

Less exp because they gone and removed a modest amount.

Yeah, bomb mining nerf was a mistake. Excellent post btw.

I think that the devs who read these posts are separate from the devs implementing farming, but I donno for sure. Feedback is still important though. If the game doesn’t evolve to people’s liking, the game dies and we all lose. Feedback is a warning sign months before people quit the game, giving devs time to respond. I don’t think the forums are slowing people down. Still, if it does slow them down it would be good to know.

@james care to chime in to be definitive? If there’s a bunch of forum posts, does reading and replying slow the development of farming etc?

He’s going to say “it doesn’t” cause I think it’s a matter of opinion and perspective on managing time.

The thing is… the feedback they have been consistently getting is: stop nerfing stuff and quit making the game more grindy. The stone crafting xp change single handedly is the opposite of that feedback.


The devs come across much like my father in law. Does something. Wonder why people are upset. The people explain again why it’s upsetting and then he proceeds to double down on what is irritating people.

I’m sure the devs wish a subset of the population who have been critical for so long would just quit playing but the core of the game is fun and if they just let us run our own worlds I think Boundless would take off. It’s not in a much different position than ARK was when it first released. The player community drove the content in that game to a ridiculous success when the game, still to this day, suffers from some critical performance issues.

But it’s not our vision so the most we get to do is moan and complain when we don’t like something; and when we enjoy something we’re too busy playing to bother with the forums.


I think a good benchmark for changes would be this:
Is it necessary / is the existing system broken?
Will it make people play the game more or less?