Issues With Backer Keys


no, sorry the pre-release backer tiers were only available to steam/PC users as Sony owns the keys for PS4…


Any updates on this. I haven’t received my extra key, not positive if my Wayfarer perks are working right or not in game. I haven’t received any keys since release, just my key from way back when it got to steam.



I also never got a second email just the first, and saw the message not to use them.


Hiya guys,

Yep very quick update - Steam told us there’s a way in which we can simply change what the key is, rather than issuing new keys. We’re just testing to see if it works at the moment before we get too excited and tell everyone it’s working… should have more info for everyone tomorrow!

As always, thank you for your patience here. We’re getting there!


Any news on this yet


@Steggs101 is this fixed?


Seems like it haven’t, so prehaps it’s in the next bigger patch, possible next week.


Hey guys,

Apologies for the lack of an update, the DDE fix and connection issues took over a bit.

One of our coders is debugging the potential fix at the moment. It seems as though the actual in game perks should be ok, but the actual DLC listed in Steam is still listed as the incorrect one.

Now, this could be an issue with Steam itself but we want to check everything over on our side before making that assumption.


Just a lil observation on my end. I have the master package and i still dont see the golden fist in any crafting machine granted i know its outta the workbench. Also have a crafter with every possible crafting skill still nothing. Am i missing something?


You need deluxe edition I thought?


As far as i know i think masters is next to highest package… which was 1k us$ the only higher was 10k…
Edit: i guess what im saying is how do i not have the ability to make it knowing for a fact masters is higher than delux edition


Actually I think the masters can make the Iron fist only. I think the gold fist was limited to the pre-order subscribers after the back packs were discontinued.

this is what I remember but cannot find the post about it


@MoriOni as stated the gold fist is deluxe edition exclusive, the difference between gold and irion fist is that gold has higher crit potential and lower durability than iron, besides the aestetics.

Between the two I’d use iron as a tool and gold for hunting, but iron does crit quite often so I much prefer it for the higher durability.


So lemme get this right. I bought the highest package i could before pre release thinking surley id get in on more than just an iron fist and a face mask. And because i didnt buy another deluxe pre release package thats no where near the amount that has currently been paid i dont get to craft something because of that? Straight up nonsense. I was apart of beta as a backer and played pre release and still get screwed on the ordeal. Mmmmmk then noted!


Actually some of the items have not been made available yet. If the fist is a weapon then there is still a tool, which they have not made available to early access backers.

Edit: I guess the mask is the wearable


Explorer’s mask is the wearable, Explorer’s Fist is the weapon and Wayfarer’s totem is the tool.


got it
forgot about the totem

Edit: I need to get me one of those


@Steggs101 When can we expect to get our keys? I received the normal launch keys but have yet to receive the final official Oortian keys. I know you all were having issues but it has been weeks now and still nothing was mailed to me.

Additionally, when are we expected to receive the other components in each backer level? I might have missed an announcement or timing message around this.


Although this was almost 2 weeks ago so maybe some info on the matter could be in place.


Same thing in wondering, I yet have made a public world, or got the art piece, or my master or Oortian code

Hopefully this isn’t just getting swept under the rug