Issues With Backer Keys


They’ve been working on it, from what I know.

I think it might involve some back and forth with Valve’s dev support, which might have slowed the process down


Just looking for clarification. I got the email with “YOUR BACKER STATUS KEYS” and the “YOUR EXTRA LAUNCH KEYS”. I know people had problems with the backer keys, but all 4 of mine were activated before I got the email so I’m not so worried about those. Does the issue extend the to the Launch keys? I have someone I want to give 2 of them to.

More players, Muhaha.


Hi guys,

Nevir is correct, it’s currently a back and forth between Valve and us.

With regards to the launch keys (those are the standard game keys):

We will get a post out detailing everything as soon as possible, including the out of game perks (make a world, artbook etc).

I’ll get a few things confirmed, but I believe the Masters who got Chieftain keys should be good to go now (you can check this in your Steam DLC list when Boundless is selected in your Library).

For those who got a key which was higher than their backer original backer tier, we need to change this manually as we don’t ever down grade people automatically.

I appreciate it’s been a really long process, we’re currently trying to spin a load of plates; slowly but surely we are getting there though.

Thanks for your patience.

Known/Active Issues List

Thank you for clarifying.


Can confirm. I applied it initially when I didn’t know better and it said chieftain. Without me having to do anything, it is now labelled as a Master version.


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