Issues With Backer Keys


Hi guys,

As some of you may be aware, yesterday we sent out the promised Launch keys via email to Wayfarer and above Boundless Backers. Within this email was also a key to ensure you keep your Wayfarer and backer perks, as we are changing how the system registers your tier.

Currently Steam knows that players are Trailblazers, Explorers and Adventurers. But Steam doesn’t know if you’re a Wayfarer, Pioneer, Chieftain, Master or Oortian. By sharing these codes for Wayfarers and above Steam will know correctly know all players status.

Additionally, if you share a purchase with another player - then the email was only sent to the main owner. They will need to pass any keys owed onto you.

Unfortunately, an error occurred for the Master, Chieftain and Oortian tiers where they were given incorrect keys with the wrong perks on them.

We have the team working on resolving this issue at the moment and will be sending correct keys out to those tiers as soon as possible (we anticipate the end of this week, or possibly early next week). The fix will effectively cancel the previous keys, allowing you to input the new key to get the correct perks.

To clarify, this issues only occurs for the following tiers:

  • Chieftain
  • Master
  • Oortian

The following tiers are not affected, and your codes are correct:

  • Wayfarer
  • Pioneer

The launch keys in all emails work correctly, it’s just the tiered keys which were at the top of the email which do not.

The following tiers do not require any new codes, as Steam already correctly knows your status. These users have not been sent any emails:

  • Explorer
  • Adventurer

Apologies for the inconvenience on here, rest assured we’re working hard to get this all sorted.

Updated - to make it clearer that Trailblazers, Explorers and Adventurers have not been sent any emails or codes.

Updated 2 - it looks like some users didn’t receive emails. We’re investigating. This will also be corrected when we send out a fixed set of keys.

Preorder Package


i have to decline that Adventurers are unaffected, my Steam client reads World Builder with Explorers…

I’d really love to have that OST when you guys can fix this :slight_smile:, i am of the Adventurer backer tier



So once we get the right keys… if i don’t enter one, i’ll eventually loose my Oortian perks? also since Oortian has 8 such keys… does it matter which one is used for each account to maintain / gain status? Like we don’t have to use a particular key on the correct account?


Pretty positive that is the case: the rank keys unlock your tier of backer benefits, and are not associated with any particular account


Me as Adventurer do I have to recive a key by mail ? if yes i didn’t get any


I’m an Adventurer and I have not received any email. Not sure if I’m misunderstanding you here @Steggs101
Will I need to enter a new code?


I have updated the OP to make it clearer that Trailblazers, Explorers and Adventurers have not been sent any emails to keys - as Steam already correctly knows your backer status.


I actually never got my backer key, and im a wayfarer. Checked both emails this morning, and nothing came through.


Probably a silly question: did you check your spam filter?


Yeah, just checked as of 5 mins ago. It sucks cause i wanted to give that backer key to my younger brother as he’s stoked to play, but only ever gets to watch me play lol.


Is there any reason why Adventurer is not showing up in my DLC section? I don’t even have the original soundtrack, obviously that’s been like that for a while but i figured that’s what the world builder was pertaining to, i guess not?


I still have a doubt.

Who buys the pré-realise Adventure’s pack receive that key code?
Is the Boundless - Adventurer’s Edition pack equal to Boundless Deluxe Edition?
Or I have to buy the Deluxe Edition Upgrade to have the Boundless Deluxe Edition?

I buy the Adventurer’s pack too for my wife and she doesn’t have any this what you talk about.

And sorry for insist in this because English is not my main language and I have some difficulty in understanding all the things that you write.


The Deluxe Edition is seperate from backer packs and needs to be bought seperately to get what’s included in it.


Updated OP with confirmation that we’re aware that some users haven’t received emails. We’re invetigating and will get everything fixed soon.


I am adventure and the only thing I got is the Title that is all . >.< oh and i also have in my Workbench explorer’s fist ( I am adventurer not explorer ) looking for help , Thanks


I just used my key but I’ve been playing since the PS4 early access dates, added the code but my plot counts seem to be the same, I’m unsure if I’m already getting the plot bonuses or not. Anyone know what the key does to existing characters?


I noticed something weird…
I was logged in with my alt account (alt-64) using my crafter (Nizzle) and saw that I could craft a wayfarer’s totem… Which I thought was weird, because I had Pioneer on my main account, not my alt and I didn’t use my second key for Nizzle (nor did I want to, I plan to save my 2nd instant access key.) -I did however use the first key on my main account (ctrl-64) which seems to be working fine.
Was I upgraded manually somehow? not sure what happened…


So…worked correctly? Where do I see what bonus items I get and stuff?


Is there a way for someone on ps4 to get these benefits… or are they locked out as of now kinda thing…